Tanuj Chaniyari gives an insight into his experience in cracking the job.

Tanuj Chaniyari, 21 year old B.Tech student 2016-2022 batch of SVKM’s NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME) has bagged an annual pay package worth Rs. 1.22 crore, with the world’s largest e-commerce player Amazon’s Dublin office in Ireland. The globally coveted position of Graduate Software Development Engineer is a dream job for many but achieved only by a few in the past. In an exclusive interview, Tanuj gives an insight into his experience in cracking the job.

Question: Describe your educational journey at NMIMS MPSTME? How did the MPSTME B.Tech program help shape your career?

Tanuj – Being part of an esteemed institute like MPSTME has opened a plethora of opportunities for me in terms oflearning as well as achieving my career goals. The biggest and the most unique aspect of the B.Tech integrated program is the one-yearinternship experience with industry players which has helped built my confidence in my skills and made me industry-ready.

Question: To crack the interview with Amazon must be challenging. What kind of questions did you face?

Tanuj – The interview process was an enriching experience itself. Most questions revolved around our knowledge ofdata structures and algorithms. First, I appeared for an online assignment that had 3 parts; 1 part wasrelated to DSA (data structure and algorithms) and the other two parts were about leadership principles. After clearing the assignment I had to appear for 3 rounds of virtual interviews. Each of these had equal weightage for the technical and behaviouralparts.

Question: What do you believe were your strengths that helped you get a job with the world’s largest e-commerce player?

Tanuj – Being regular and consistent with coding, not losing hope in face of challenges, and surrounding myself with people who were a positive influence. 

Question: Who is your role model and what have you imbibed from him/her?

Tanuj – My family and friends have played a very critical role in guiding me in the right direction. They have stood by me through my failures in my journey so far. This achievement would not have been possible without their support and faith in me.

Question: What advice for success would you give to your peers and future generations?

Tanuj – My only advice for them is to tell them that they should enjoy the journey of leetcoding and do not get demotivated . If you start doing that everything else will just fall in place.

Question: What would be your tips to students who are planning to appear for job interviews?

Tanuj – Focus on solving data structures and algorithms problems available on Internet sites like leetcode and make sure you are strong on fundamentals related to engineering.

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