The Agents of the Shield by Parth Agarwal – Book Review

The Agents of the Shield by Parth Agarwal – Book Review

The fantasy world attracts both grown-ups and children equally. This is the primary reasons that explain the thriving of the genre in both earlier times since the inception of the literary form of writing and even in the present when the technological boom has given wings to fantasy. This has also encouraged young children to take the pen and express what would otherwise be written by a grown-up from the viewpoint of a child. Parth Agarwal, in his book, “The Agents of the Shield,” makes his mark as a young storyteller where he gives wings to not just his imaginary world but also takes the readers in a world which only a young mind could think of.

Agarwal, in his book, creates an exciting amalgamation of fantasy, the future, and also science fiction genres. With these, he makes a fusion of inhabitants of other planets, humans, robots, superheroes, and everything that a young mind could come up with. In the midst of this, the readers would notice how replete and impressionistic a mind can be, which is influenced by contemporary writing or cinema and, at the same time, mould the elements to his creativity and come up with a whole new universe. These are just a few elements that Agarwal brings up in his short book and creates a new world. “The Agents of the Shield” is a combined product of this and many other elements.

The action of “The Agents of the Shield” takes place at different locations, which transforms the imagination of the readers to the lands they have seen and also the ones they have not seen but can see through the author’s imagination. Due to the presence of many characters, the readers may, for once, find it a bit difficult to keep track of the events, actions, and the sequence in which they occur.  But on close observation and being a little attentive to the words of the young pen, they would understand the entire action effortlessly.

“The Agents of the Shield” is a book which can be enjoyed by both grown-up and younger readers. Younger readers would find their fantasies getting wings, and they would find a lot of exciting things from Agarwal’s world. The parents of young children would also find this book suitable to read to their children and also those who want to initiate their children into the world of reading. Also, the grown-up readers can read the book for their leisure purpose and see the creative ideas of a young mind where the ideas are a product of the influences of the media of the present-day and the creativity of a young mind. As Agarwal grows older, the readers can also expect mature and interesting works as this work is merely an introduction to his artistic mind and creative talent. Therefore, every reader should try reading “The Agents of the Shield” to give encouragement and motivation to Parth Agarwal so that he can further experiment with his pen.

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