The Legend of The Stones of Life the Birth of the Gods by Peter Kent – Review

As kids, everyone may have heard or read about people from the stone age time and the life they were living. However, reading about them and having a live experience of talking to them in person or merely hearing them would be a whole new level altogether the book “The Legend of The Stones of Life the Birth of the Gods” by Peter Kent is a fictional story about the legend of the stones of life. While it would open the readers’ eyes to new dimensions, it would also give them a new perspective to think. As catchy and attractive as the name of the book sounds, the cover does equal justice in terms of attraction and is a welcoming sight to the readers’ eyes, prompting them to have the book in their hands in one go.

Kent gives the strings of control to the protagonist from the beginning itself. While initially he spends in time in talking about humans and the glamour that surrounds them, the book further expands, and the readers get to know the story is about Jaz Tar Akesiun and Ites Era Lamesian. The readers become aware how both these characters have emotions for each other despite belonging to different worlds. They are the governors of the world of Asnium. It is interesting to observe how the author builds a different universe through just the raw material his imagination could give him but altogether, the readers get to visit a whole new dimension by becoming a part of this journey.

The narrator mentions that he and the people of his planet have been watching humans on earth for ages and while watching, they have understood humans very well through observing for ages. As a result of this accumulated knowledge, they know a lot about human nature and their thinking development. But at the same time, the dynamism which is the basic feature of human nature does not fail to surprise them any time. Jaz Tar Akesiun claims to make a long list of qualities of a human. This also tells about the patience that they have and their genuine desire to know the other forms of life that exist around them.

Thereafter, the readers get to know about the alien planet. They are autotrophic organisms, related to plants. They are unsure about humans that whether they must consider humans as friends or enemies. They are similar to humans in terms of in being passionate about knowledge. They also communicate like humans and use telepathy when they are at distance from each other. They live on air and sunlight and thus do not need to hunt or work hard for survival. These details mentioned in the beginning are so intriguing that a reader would feel excited to read the book further. The government of their world and how it functions is explained in detail in further chapters. The explanation about inhabitants of their world is given in the book beautifully. How much percent any specific category of inhabitant occupies in the world and how they survive on their world and such details are specified in the book. Knowing about an unknown land is enough to attract readers towards the book but the manner in which Peter Kent presents the content in his “The Legend of The Stones of Life the Birth of the Gods” adds to the charm that surrounds the book.

There is more that the narrator shares; They have a king, who was the first immortal of their world, King Arbatron. He has a tradition which he follows that he comes to visit his kingdom every thousand years. Their king is extremely kind and can become very strict when his rules are broken.

Their world has elections, and its process is also written in the book.

Their law, politics, philosophy are discussed in the book in detail.

The details about their world are presented beautifully in the book by the author. The author has created a different world altogether and has made the book a fantasy world to be read. The efforts that are done to create this world are impeccable. As the language of the book is simple and the author has explained everything in detail about the world anyone would be able to understand the book easily.

Even though, the readers are aware of the book merely being a fragment of the author’s imagination, “The Legend of The Stones of Life the Birth of the Gods” does a fair job in sounding realistic, true, and fact-based owing to the clarity with which the author presents the details. Since the strings are in the hands of the narrator and not the author, the book become more realistic and truer in its sense altogether and gives the readers a good reading experience of an unknown realm altogether.

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