Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Author Page

Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Author Page

Now, whenever we hear anyone mentioning ‘Facebook’ then automatically the image of an Outdated Social Media Platform occurs into our mind, but wait, is it seriously true! Is Facebook really the social media platform of the bygone days? Not entirely, Facebook has not its relevance completely, it may not be the primary medium of sharing posts or connecting with the contacts but still Facebook has managed to keep up its relevance in the world, where Instagram has become the new hero of the social media!

Facebook has successfully managed to keep up its relevance when it comes to generating or supporting business activities. Most of us are already familiar with Facebook’s methods of connecting buyers with sellers, as it has created a marketplace for small-scale sellers. This shows that Facebook is sincerely committed to support the small & medium level business activities and help people. One another example of how Facebook helps people is that it also provides information of the available renting place in a location, so that any new person coming in that area can fix their accommodation issues well in advanced and in an easy manner.

Again, most of us familiar with the Facebook Business/Fan Pages and the surprising thing is that these business/fan pages of Facebook still have maintained their relevance even when the audience has shifted to Instagram for sharing posts/pictures and connecting with people. Now, almost all of us has tagged our friends or known ones to some kinds of memes or restaurant/café/food items posts without much realizing that we have promoted those business pages on Facebook. So, this is just one example of how Facebook Pages have maintained their relevancy and we know that these business pages follows many other methods too in promoting themselves.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss that how authors can optimize their Facebook Pages in order to yield a better result. Well, it all starts with the setting up of a Facebook Author Page, so the authors needs to follow these basic steps in order to obtain a better result from Facebook –

Step 1) Setup a Facebook Author Page: Now, the first and the foremost step is to setup a ‘Facebook Author Page’ and it is not at all a difficult task. You can create a new FB Page easily with the assistance provided by FB only and make sure that after creating a new FB Page, you select the Page Type as ‘Author’ among the various options that you will be getting at the time of page setup.

The next few steps are vital, where you will be asked to put up a ‘Profile Picture’ now over here you have to be extra clever and add a picture that depicts yourself as an author. You may be having a great collection of pictures but you need to understand that, which one will make impact in representing you as an author, so put up a display picture accordingly.

Again, some vital steps are still remaining, which you need to take care of such as attaching your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms with your FB Author Page! As this will help your audience to reach to all your social media platforms and connect with you over other platforms too. Now, this is how your FB Author Page will help you in making a great impact, as just putting yourself out on one social media platform will help you in reaching greater audience on the other social media platforms too!

Step 2) Post Regularly: Well, this is no brainer and this might not be the first time you would have read this. Every social media influencer and experts tells the same thing again and again and that is to post regularly. The more you will post the higher is the chance that you will reach to the newer audiences and grow your presence on social media. Moreover, everyone knows this now that the pages/people posting more often always gets higher count of the followers. Therefore, it is highly advisable to post regularly and to post relevant posts from your FB Author Page!

Step 3) Be A Good Borrower: Lots of authors have pages on Facebook, so take advantage of their presence! Visit the pages of authors you love, and take note of what you like. Maybe they are using photos and videos in a way that you can incorporate, too. Maybe you like how they are linking to their website with a great call to action.

You use other authors as inspiration in your writing, so why not use them as inspiration when it comes to creating the perfect Facebook author page!

As an author who is trying to make an impact through social media platforms, you always need to remember that your FB Author Page is a constantly shifting ‘Work in Progress’ and it is not at all a static project. Moreover, you always have the ability to make changes and tweaks, by taking some time to get it setup perfectly at the outset will give you a terrific advantage going forward.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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