Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Best-Selling Platform

Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Best-Selling Platform

Gone are the days when blogs were considered inferior to websites, in the current daytime almost all the websites are having at least a blog page attached to them. Such is the impact of the blogs now and with the creative bloggers coming up every day, there is no doubt that blogs are going to make even greater impacts. Blogs can be a great opportunity for the authors too and the author can utilize blogs in various ways to promote themselves and all kinds of works done by them besides their books!

Moreover, with the VLOGS coming into the limelight, it has become even more easier for the bloggers to make their presence feel that too with lesser efforts. Even the social media posts, (be it a picture or a video) is helping the bloggers to a great deal in keeping their blogs updated and at the same time helping them in maintaining creativity to their blogs. Well, this is the whole point, CREATIVITY – as long as your blog looks cool and styles up with the trending aspects of the blog, the audience are going to love your blog.

Yes of course, the content of your blog plays a vital role but you should never forget that your blog needs to be attractive enough to pull up the internet audience towards your content and that can happen only when your blog looks creative! Therefore, today we shall go beyond the content of your blog and discuss how you can keep things fresh and nurture a growing, increasingly interested audience.

Well, in order to turn your blog into a Best-Selling platform, you need to follow these 3 vital steps –

Step 1) Consider Guest Blogging: Your author website is the home for your blog, but what if you took your talents on the road? Undoubtedly, ‘Guest Blogging’ is a great way to promote yourself and reach audiences that you might not otherwise influence. Do some research and find other authors who write about similar topics, or those who are in the same genre. Reach out to them and see if they would be interested in a guest post from you on their blog.

Moreover, do not forget to return the favour! Having a guest author write a post on your blog shows that you are well connected, and it can provide some much-needed variety.

Step 2) Social Media Promotion: Once you have published your blog post (that includes relevant links, appealing images and a strong call to action), your job is yet not done. It’s time to tell the world about your latest piece with some promotion on the major social-media platforms.

Tweet out multiple, well-timed links to your post (always including a relevant image) and do not forget to let your Facebook fans know that you have created some new blog content. If you want to make sure that you get the word out properly, then my suggestion would be to use platforms such as HootSuite or Buffer, which allow you to schedule multiple posts across multiple platforms with ease.

If you are involved in niche groups or circles on Facebook or LinkedIn, then remember to let members know when you have published a relevant post by creating a specialized message or update for them. Blog posts are great fodder for social media updates because they provide value and promotion simultaneously. So do not hesitate to let the world know that you have written something they are likely to devour.

Step 3) Encourage the Conversation: The most popular blogs on the internet are also well known for their content as they are for the enthusiasm of the commenters they attract. As an independent author, it can be difficult to get a conversation going in the comments section of your blog, but that does not mean you should not try.

Encourage people to leave comments and observations of their own. In addition, when you do start to get commenters on your blog posts, do not just leave them hanging, jump in and mix it up with them. Doing this adds tons of extra value to each post, and it lets readers know that you are just as engaged with them as they are with you. By paying attention to comments on your blog and in social media, you can even accumulate more topics for future blogs. Has a particular topic revved up your audience more than you expected? That is a prime subject for subsequent posts!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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