Which Is A Better Choice For The Youths – Bikes or Books?

Which Is A Better Choice For The Youths – Bikes or Books?

Even from the historic times, the youths all around the world have always been looking up to some kind of adventures. A century ago, it was joining the military forces and fighting for the nation, as great wars were taking place around the globe. However, from last few decades, the sense of adventure has drastically changed among the youths. Majority of the youths around the world, no longer thinks of joining armed forces, or carrying out some highly revolutionary inventions or discoveries, as most of the youths these days are lurking around a life, which is filled with comfort and ease!

Nowadays, most of the youths are not up for any real kind of adventure and rather carrying out stunts on bike or riding bikes at a high speed is a thing of thrill for most of them. For boys, the bikes have always been their aim and with the possession of bikes, the boys automatically gets the sense of being cool or being a rockstar among their circle. While, even for the girls the bike is holding a great place these days, as most of us seen viral videos of girls riding bullets (bikes) on social media. Moreover, most of the girls too are interested in learning to ride bikes and nowadays when both boys and girls are considered very much equal, why wouldn’t the girls too be fascinated by bikes? So yes, bikes have become the trend among the youths.

In addition, with the kinds of responses one gets on social media by posting their pictures with sports or vintage bikes is another big reason why the youths get the feeling to being super cool or rockstar with the possession of bikes. The even sadder part is that the bikes have become the symbol of showing masculinity. Well, the boys posts their pictures and videos with bikes to show how tough they are while the girls aims to show that they are no less than the boys. Isn’t this sounding horrendous? Of course, this is disturbing; the fact that one has to show themselves riding a bike in order to look tough or in order to prove that they are no less than the other gender is simply stupid. Bikes are not the symbol of strength, so there is no way that it qualifies to show anyone superior. The modern day youths are deeply distracted by the materialistic and show off things!

What really could make someone look cool is actually a book, as reading books helps people in more than describable ways! Moreover, looking at the direction where the modern day youths are heading towards, it is even more important for the youths to indulge in the practice of book reading. To many of the youths, it may sound boring but it is a way of providing the human brain with the nutrients, which helps in the growth and development of the brain. Without a shred of doubt, the youths needs to join a book reading club near them or form it by themselves and carry out book reading for developing their horizon.

Books carries the answers to almost all the questions, which occurs in the human mind, so why one should not read them and find out the solution to their pursuits? Specially, when a person starts the practice of book reading at young age, it proves to be more beneficial as there are countless studies pointing to this phenomenon. Therefore, it is probably the most insightful thing for a youth to indulge into the habit of book reading and always consider book as their top most priority. Be it an Electronic Book (e-book), an Audiobook, a Paperback, or a traditional Hardbound, it is always a better to read books and seek knowledge. Moreover, each one of us looks towards a brighter and a better future and we know that the books can lead us towards that. Hence, that makes it all more worthy for the youths to choose books as their option to have fun rather than something, which can be risky enough for their lives!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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