Why Raj Kundra is Trending in India.

Raj Kundra, 45, was described as a “major conspirator” in the pornography investigation by the police, who stated they had enough evidence against him. On Tuesday, his staffer Ryan Thorpe, who was in charge of his company’s IT, was arrested. Due to pornographic content, “Hotshots” has been pulled from mobile platforms, with Apple and Google both removing the app.

The Mumbai Police informed a court on Tuesday that businessman Raj Kundra, the husband of actress Shilpa Shetty, was involved in the streaming of pornographic videos through an app called “Hotshots,” a day after arresting him. In the scandal concerning the manufacturing of pornographic videos, he was arrested and held in police custody until Friday.

The evidence, according to the authorities, included clips from Mr Kundra’s office. “During the search, we discovered agreement papers, emails, accounts, WhatsApp chats, and pornographic movies from his workplace,” Mumbai Police Joint Commissioner Milind Bharambe told reporters.

According to the authorities, his involvement was discovered after a lady, Gahna Vashist, was arrested and named the businessman’s former personal assistant Umesh Kamat. According to the authorities, Umesh Kamat subsequently exposed Mr Kundra’s participation.

Mr Kundra has denied any participation, claiming that he sold the “Hotshots” software to another suspect, Pradip Bakshi, who is wanted by the authorities. However, according to the police, Mr Kundra was brought up to speed on the app’s finances on a regular basis. He also allegedly established up a WhatsApp group where he discussed the development, distribution, and sale of Hotshots clips.

Umesh Kamat, who was arrested for uploading pornographic movies through a UK corporation, named the prominent businessman, who had previously been tied to IPL match-fixing allegations. The pornographic films were allegedly shot in India, transported to the UK using WeTransfer, and distributed via paid smartphone apps. The films were allegedly shot in Mumbai in rented apartments and hotels, according to the authorities. Models were allegedly lured in with promises of film roles, only to be compelled to shoot pornography.

Following a probe into match-fixing during his time as co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals with Shilpa Shetty, he was banned for life from all cricket-related activities in 2015.

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