World Refugee Day 2021: What Happens On This Day?

World Refugee Day 2021: What Happens On This Day?

Someone is fleeing their home right now because of internal unrest, persecution in a country, or a water and climate problem. Refugees are persons who have been compelled to seek asylum in a safer location, most frequently in another country. These vulnerable people are sometimes forced to spend their lives in temporary or communal camps set up by civil society organisations in the host country after being abandoned by their home country.

What Is World Refugee Day And Why Does It Matter?
The day is marked all around the world to bring attention to the situation of refugees and to mobilise political will and resources to assist them reconstruct their lives as quickly as possible. This day is also significant since it emphasises the needs, aspirations, and rights of refugees.

On June 20, a variety of events in support of refugees will be held around the world. Government officials, host communities, businesses, celebrities, schoolchildren, and the general public are all involved in these initiatives, which are usually led by refugees themselves. Many of these activities provide opportunity for refugees to be supported.

The UN Refugee Agency’s motto for the day is “Together we heal, learn, and shine,” as the pandemic continues to ravage communities and families around the world for the second year. It has asked individuals and governments to help refugees gain access to health care, donate to the education of talented young refugees, and support refugees through various creative means such as sponsoring sports and art competitions.

Refugees are defined as people who have fled their nations or homes because of a “well-founded fear of persecution because of his or her nationality, race, religion, political opinion, or membership of a certain social group,” according to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

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