Advantages Of Book Fairs

Advantages Of Book Fairs

Most of our readers who had choose to read this write-up would definitely agree that whenever they hear anybody mentioning, ‘Book Fairs’ then they get filled up with an exciting energy, as if a huge celebration is waiting ahead of them! Well, the reason behind this behaviour of ours is that book fairs are fun, it is as simple as that. Everybody loves book fairs; undoubtedly, these book fairs are paradise for the book lovers and those special fans who carries a clear focus of reading anything & everything from their favourite author or writer!

Then there are another kind of nerds, who can have hours-long debate to prove that their favourite genre is the best genre among all the genres. They too are present in huge numbers in the book fairs to buy the latest collections of their favourite genre and sometimes to mock the books of other genres as well, trust me this can be great fun when you have two nerds in one group religiously following two separate genres. After all these typical and regular visitors of the book fairs, comes the fun people and they are called the fun people of the book fairs for a reason. Well, they might not be the regulars but they truly are fun, they visit book fairs only to enjoy the atmosphere and eat the different kinds of dishes under the food stalls of the book fairs.

So yes, there are several kinds of visitors for the book fairs taking place in the various cities across the world. Moreover, it is the presence of the visitors only who makes the book fairs fun but unfortunately, in the past couple of years we all missed this fun as the book fairs remained closed due to the Chinese Virus. Nevertheless, the current year 2022 has come up with some optimistic changes, where the things had gone back to the conventional or the traditional methods. And, just like the schools getting re-opened with the physical presence of the students, teachers and all the other staff members, even the book fairs are getting scheduled to be attended with the crowd. Now, isn’t this a good news for us?

Therefore, it would be a nice thing to understand the benefits of the book fairs, some of the primary advantages of the book fairs are –

1) Student’s Choice & Love For Reading: Because students have many things chosen for them in their day-to-day lives, a book fair gives them the power to feel they are in control. Whether they choose a story that takes them on an adventure or one that is relatable, it is their story and their choice. When students choose the books they would like to read, they are more likely to pick up the book and fall in love with reading.

2) Build Excitement In School: We know schools and educators go above and beyond to make their students look forward to learning days, but there is something extra special about book fair week. Whether it is exploring the cases of new books, dressing up for spirit week, or having a party when you meet your book fair goal, there are so many moments that make both students and educators grin from ear to ear!

3) Expand School, Classroom & Home Libraries: We know that one of the main goals of a book fair is to expand our libraries from school to home and give our kids access to more books. While students shop the fair to build their book collection, schools will earn rewards to help expand on their literacy initiatives.

4) Develop Reading & Comprehensive Skills: A book fair is an excellent opportunity to build students’ home libraries, further their reading and comprehension skills, and often build knowledge and vocabulary critical for understanding new subject matter. This practice enables families to make reading a family event. When kids read to their families, this promotes a letter-sound relationship to pronounce and identify words correctly. When families read to their kids, this enables children to listen on a higher language level than they can read, exposing them to vocabulary and language patterns not part of everyday speech.

5) Brings The Community Together: When hosting a book fair, this can become more than just an event for the school. By inviting families and community members outside of your school, you are bringing the excitement of your book fair to your entire community. Book fairs are a great way to help other families to add to home libraries – theirs or their friends! They are also a chance for community members to shop for educators to fulfill wish lists or build libraries at places like local doctors’ offices, restaurants, or nursing homes.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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