Advantages Of Creative Book Cover Designs

Advantages Of Creative Book Cover Designs

We have often heard people, using this particular proverb – “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” However, in reality nobody, I repeat, simply nobody, follows this saying! Now, this issue raises two basic questions in front of us! The first is that why don’t the people follow such a beautiful message in their real life, while the second is that can we really blame the people for this?

The answers to both the questions are very much valued and essential to find out; also, these answers are somewhere inter-related too. Therefore, if we will be able to determine the answer of the first question then we can easily find out the answer of the second question too. In order to find out the answers to these questions, let us talk about the human psychology first and try to understand the working of human mind little bit to find our answers, in a manner that even a layperson could understand these scientific approaches with proficiency.

Well, when we see something deeply alluring then our eyes find it soothing enough to create an image of that thing in our mind; hence, we remember that particular thing with ease. Similar is our brains’ tendency when we see something extraordinarily creative, the image of that creative element (thing or product) is formed in our mind and our brain not only makes us remember that but also fascinates us towards that thing! Therefore, we need to accept it that it’s a basic human tendency to reach out towards something that is alluring or creative. Therefore, it would not be fair to blame anyone for overlooking those things, which fails to stand in front of a praise worthy things. It’s very much natural for us, the humans, to seek out things of beauty!

Another popular saying is that – “Beauty should be appreciated!” So, yes there is nothing wrong in appreciating a beautiful creation. Moreover, the Authors these days are very competitive as well as sharp-witted and they very well understands and follows these kinds of sayings and philosophies. Authors are familiar with the impact of a getting a creative book cover designed for them and often they try to display the theme of their book from the book cover itself.

In addition, the readers too reaches out for those books, where they find the book cover conveying them some kind of message. And when the readers goes for those books, where the book cover itself communicates about the author’s work then the readers feels some kind of connection with those books. This tendency of the readers helps the authors with creative book cover designs to target their potential audience with ease. Hence, almost all the authors these days expresses their will for a cleaver and innovative book cover design.

So now, after discussing all these aspects of human psychology and readers’ tendency, I guess we have reached to a conclusion where we all can peacefully agree that yes a creative book cover design is definitely much more impactful for the authors to reach out to the readers of their genre and target new readers too. Also, as an Author I feel that it’s a good thing and a sign of honesty when we the Authors get our book cover designed in a creative manner so as to give the glimpse of the theme of our work inside the book.

Moreover, we often see that the Authors these days are extremely kind and generous with their book cover designers and very gladly, they acknowledges their cover designers inside their book. So, overall it’s a brilliant development, when the author goes for a creative book cover design as this leads to the designers getting mentioned for their creativity and receives a much deserved due for their incredible and praise worthy efforts!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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