Shrideep Ghogare Talks About His Book “Dushtantak Trilogy”

Shrideep Ghogare Talks About His Book “Dushtantak Trilogy”

Congratulations on the release of your book. What responses are you getting from your readers? Please share your experience with this book.

Shrideep Ghogare: Thanks a Lot for such a warm Welcome and your  best wishes they mean a lot  to me To speak about the response I am going to have to wait a bit longer as its not been more than an hour my book is out for sale

The Literature Times: What encourages you to become an Author?

Shrideep Ghogare: Books have been my friend since my childhood Means I remember the time when I use to walk for 4 to 4.5 Km and save 10 rs which I had recived for rickshaw so that I can purchase one of the  Enid Blyton books at old book store which at that time use to cost rs 30

The Literature Times: What are your favorite topics of writing? Please tell us something about your interest areas in the literature.

Shrideep Ghogare: Fantasy is my favorite topic to write . I belive A person lives his lives with open eyes and ears . he already goes through a lot in it he doesnot need to go back and have to read about it again . thus I try to write the stories which take person away from this mortal realm  away from all the worries and tension to a place where he doesnot have to worry about single thing . He just has to be the audience for the great show

The Literature Times: We were hoping you could tell us about some of those writers who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Shrideep Ghogare : My reading Journey started from Enid Blyton And then moving up the lader some of the authors who tickled my sweet tooth were J K Rowling ,  Cristiopher Piolini ,J R R Tolkin, Rick riordin, Eion Colfer

The Literature Times: The titles seem different and catchy; how you decided it? Please let us know the story behind it.

Shrideep Ghogare : Dushtantak is the  Sanskrit origin world meaning the destroyer of evil  and I think it describe the hero of the series

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Shrideep Ghogare: I have written few poeams and Articles and Published in Few Local Level Periodicals and won few intercollege and interschool competition in elocation and essay writing etc . but that’s all a fresher has on his resume  doesn’t he ???

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Shrideep Ghogare: My Current Goal is to Publish remaining two  books of this series and 2 books of other series by next year

The Literature Times: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Shrideep Ghogare: Yes this is a trilogy which means there are 2 more books in this sequel which aare ready to publish and as I have said earlier am planning to publish them as soon aas possible

In addition that there are two more series I am Working on in total I have completed Lots of work on first 3 books of both series which you might be able to see soon

The Literature Times: How you see Indian writing in the 21st century? What changes do you see in the modern way of writing? Do you feel it has been changed by the time?

Shrideep Ghogare: Yes a lot has changed in Indian writing in 21st century

The topics of writing , the vocabalory of writing , the slang of writing , the style …. Yes it has changed  But again as its Said Change is the Only Constant

The Literature Times: How easy/ difficult it was for you to publish your book? What message would you like to give to budding authors?

Shrideep Ghogare: The publication house was dear trust me . The Publication which seemed to me literally impossible job they made it happen and that to in one month . for me publishing was more easy than writing the book . I had a wonderful team to support me

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