An Interview with Author Bidisha Bhattacharyya

An Interview with Author Bidisha Bhattacharyya

The Literature Times: Welcome to The Literature Times, Bidihsa. I have read your book ‘Flash Pack’ and was immensely. When did you think you wanted to write a book? Tell us more about yourself.

Bidisha: Well it has not been long enough since I have got this urge and love for writing. I have had started writing through the writing apps YourQuote and Wattpad, but it turned more into a passion since I passed my 12th Board exams. Before that, I didn’t have much of a creative passion like this, but I am happy I have got it now.

The Literature Times: At this very young age attempting an experimental book is a matter of bravery. What gave you the confidence when you first thought of writing?
Bidisha: Well I knew it was risky, but I knew that nothing is possible without trying. If you want to become an author, you can’t sit around overthinking, you have to write and improve all the time and move forward step by step believing in the possibilities and in yourself.

The Literature Times: How supportive were your parents and friends when you decided to write? What kind of research did you do on Flash Fiction genre?
Bidisha: My parents were kind of in the odds, but not totally against what I was doing. It took some convincing, but they supported my passion and lastly accepted what I wanted to do. In case of friends, they have helped me in reviewing the stories and my writing and have also given their honest opinions about them. To be honest, their support and help have been very valuable for me.

Well I had read quite a many flash fictions and also short stories, since flash fictions are a form of short stories. I had also taken some creative writing courses online, in which I had got quite clear ideas about the concept and had good practice too.

The Literature Times: What other books similar to Flash fiction have you read before, if any?
Bidisha: Well I have read a number of short stories, both classic and modern. For example, “The Gift of The Magi” by O. Henry, “The Cactus” by O. Henry, “The Model Millionaire” by Oscar Wilde, “A Child’s Dream of a Star” by Charles Dickens, “Snowed in Lake House” by Ceecee James, “The Sculling Boat” by Richard Behrens (A Lizzie Borden Girl Detective Mini-Mystery), etc.

The Literature Times: How was the experience after the book got published? What comments and compliments did you receive?
Bidisha: Well I have got many congratulations and praises from my family, friends, batchmates, acquaintances, etc.

The Literature Times: Coming from a English literature background, who are your favorite classic writers and what is your favorite book?
Bidisha: Well in case of Classic authors, my favorites are Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, O. Henry, etc. I have more than one favorite book. The main ones are “Then They Were None” by Agatha Christie, “Tea For Two and a Piece of Cake” by Preety Shenoy and “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green.

The Literature Times: Have you read any book recently? Did you like it? Please talk about it.
Bidisha: Well, yes. I have read a few books recently. The ones that I mainly liked are “Death Takes a Break” by Vikki Walton which is a small town cozy mystery book with a feel-good emotion throughout the book and with an interesting mystery and “Murder in the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie, which is an excellent murder mystery of the renowned classic mystery author.

The Literature Times: Are you working on any new project now?
Bidisha: Well I have been writing for multiple books one by one and the written contents are almost done for all, now I need to think about publishing them and of new writing projects.

The Literature Times: What is favorite past time activity?
Bidisha: Well there are multiple. Watching movies, listening to music and audio stories, writing, singing and reading sometimes.

The Literature Times: What is that one thing that always pokes your mind regarding reading habit among youngsters?

Bidisha: Well according to me, you don’t have to read any book for the sake of reading, read the books that you really enjoy and like reading. And those don’t have to be very famous, sometimes writings from unknown writers and authors can also be pretty helpful and enjoyable.

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