An Interview with the Author Indar M Rajani – The Literature Times

An Interview with the Author Indar M Rajani – The Literature Times

The Literature Times: What inspired you to write the book “5 Pillars of Good Health and Body”?

Indar M Rajaani: My journey from FAT to Fit (I had a very unhealthy lifestyle; I had thought it is very difficult to change nor there is right guidance.  But one day I started n day by day persistently I changed, this is the journey I want to bring to the world.

The Literature Times: Can you tell us more about the five pillars of good health and how they helped you on your journey to wellness?

Indar M Rajaani: It became a road map for my health journey, same as, if one has to go from Mumbai to Bangalore, what are the things you need… no 1 why to go & how to go.

The Literature Times: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with health issues and doesn’t know where to start?

Indar M Rajaani: Change before you have to.

The Literature Times: How important is it to have a healthy lifestyle, especially as we get older?

Indar M Rajaani: Very important & top priority looking at the medical expense these days which are rising n still people are not healthy because people have bad lifestyle & the eat poor.

The Literature Times: Can you share some of the challenges you faced while adopting a healthy lifestyle and how you overcame them?

Indar M Rajaani: Adopting to new regime especially food habits, change in food choices & sticking to it long haul. If you know your WHY, then HOW becomes easy – I focused on my WHY.

The Literature Times: How do you think your book can help someone who is struggling with weight and body image issues?

Indar M Rajaani: Just follow the 5 pillars persistently & consistently & one day you will be surprised.

The Literature Times: You mentioned quitting your high-profile, high-paying job to focus on your health. How did you find the courage to make that decision?

Indar M Rajaani: I was fed up of my health & top of that My boss & corporate politics. So, as I said If you know your WHY, then HOW becomes easy – I focused on my WHY. If there is lot of money & recognition & no health one day your health will hold you from performing & then what. You stop giving excuse “I DON’T HAVE TIME” or then one day you will have only “TIME”. No one else & nothing see except the ceiling.

The Literature Times: an you share some success stories of people who have followed your five pillars of good health and seen positive changes in their lives?

Indar M Rajaani:  I have helped 500+ people to reshape their shape where they love to live rest of their life. I have live testimonies. Visit my Youtube channel – Here you will hear some success stories.

The Literature Times: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing work, family, and other responsibilities?

Indar M Rajaani: I have designed a Calender/To-DO using my Phone APP n follow ruthlessly.

The Literature Times: What do you hope readers will take away from your book and implement in their own lives?

Indar M Rajaani: All those who bought this book will TRY, some will follow for a month, some 2 months & some 3 and then slowly drift n loose that book in some un known corner & forget about it. But atleast 10% people will make it their lifestyle & you never know someone will take my book edit & add his/her experience & success story n republishes it.

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