Aruna Shaibya Talks About Her Book “Niyatinati – the ultimate justice of Karma”

Aruna Shaibya Talks About Her Book “Niyatinati – the ultimate justice of Karma”

Author Aruna Shaibya

Aruna Shaibya was born in the Mirzapur district of India and grew up in the city of Varanasi. She graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) with a degree in Hindi Literature and also holds a master’s in Social Work and a doctorate in Vedic Studies.

In place of boring government job it is with writing that she has deepest connection and she is founder of an NGO called Aali-Foundation, which works to help women and children who are facing problems in life. Motivated by her father who still spends hours reading and writing every day, she has already written 5 Hindi poetry books and two novels, Niyatinati and Apoorva, and is now working on a 5 book series based on Indian mythology, called VIJAYSANGRAM

Today, Aruna lives in National Capital Region (N.C.R.) and spends her free time reading, writing, listening to music and experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. She has a deep connection with nature and children and enjoys travelling to quieter corners of the planet whenever she can, visiting temples and sacred places that provide her with comfort and inspiration.

Her hopes for the future include doing enough positive things that bring great change to the world, causing others to one day write about her. She wants to see women treated as equals in society and have the same opportunities as men and to bring Indian mythology to life through her books so that even more people can learn about it and use it to change their own circumstances.

Number of Books Published: 5

Interview with Author Aruna Shaibya

The Literature Times: After your other works, “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” comes across as another striking creation from your pen. Did you have plans to write in the genre from the beginning, or was it an idea that struck you later?

Aruna Shaibya: It was an idea from the beginning and then I penned it down in such an inspirational novel to deliver the message to the society and younger generation.

The Literature Times: Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your book, “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma”?

Aruna Shaibya: Yeah, Sure! Niyatinati is one of my best works as an author. Niyatinati is a Novel written to tell the audience/readers about different phases of life and the significance of our karma. Niyatinati is based on some real-life events and social issues. Since my birth, I have seen what is happening in our society and I have learned that very few people talk about crime against women or the people. I believe we all should talk about the unspoken reality of our society and justice. My novel “Niyatinati” fulfils it.

The Literature Times: How did you go about creating the characters and their development throughout the story? Since they all are distinct, what inspired the characters in “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma”?

Aruna Shaibya: The characters of my stories are from real life. Yes, they are all distinct. However, characters of my story perfectly defines the meaning of friendship and trust. Vivek, dheeraj and Prashant makes a story interesting they are always there for each other in all the situations of life. Dheeraj and Prashant help Vivek to take revenge and bring justice for his father and sister’s death.

The Literature Times: Can you talk about the themes and messages you wanted to convey through your book? Did “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” give you plenty of space to express all your ideas?

Aruna Shaibya: The theme of my novel is good vs. evil, love, trust, friendship, revenge, and justice. Through this, I wanted to convey to my readers that we should never accept defeat against bad or evil we must find the courage and inspiration to always fight for justice and we should always remember that we have to pay for our deeds in this materialistic world only, which is called “The Ultimate justice of karma”.

The Literature Times: “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” extends its base to a universal form since it relates to current events or larger societal issues. Do you agree to this?

Aruna Shaibya: Yes, I do agree to this. My novel “Niyatinati” is written for written for social cause and to inspire readers to fight for the good and just. It also extends its base to its universal form as it relates to current social events and larger societal issues.

The Literature Times: Can you discuss your writing process and how you approached structuring the plotline in “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma”? Did it require frequent revisions?

Aruna Shaibya: Yes, of course! “Niyatinati” is connected to some of my real life experiences and college life. It was easy to structure the whole story as I have lived through those parts of life. It did not require any revisions.

The Literature Times: How do you see “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” impacting readers, and what do you hope they take away from it? Did you have any specific objectives while writing it?

Aruna Shaibya: My novel will inspire the youth to bring good change in the society. It will impact readers differently.

The Literature Times: Are there any specific literary or artistic influences that can be seen in “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma”? How did you manage to maintain distinctness even when writing in a popular form of literary writing?

Aruna Shaibya: Hmm, Writing is my hobby since the childhood. I am passionate about hindi literature and also vedic studies. “Niyatinati” is one my best work of the literature and through this novel, I wanted to inspire youth and society about doing the good karma and never back down against evil. Always work hard and gain your strength to fight against the evil. I have used my profound and creative writing skills to write this novel and I have worked hard to put all of my writing skills in writing my novel “Niyatinati”.

The Literature Times: How do you see “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” fitting into the larger literary canon or genre?

Aruna Shaibya: It does fit perfectly well in the larger literary canon or genre such as a non-fictional novel as it is based on themes “love”, “trust”, “friendship”, “Revenge” and “Justice”. In this novel, I have talked about one of the common crimes against the women such as human trafficking and how destiny plays its role in the lives of each character.

The Literature Times: Can you talk about any challenges or obstacles you faced while writing “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma?

Aruna Shaibya: As a writer and author, it is very common that we are stuck sometimes in the middle of the story. It happened to me also. However, you get over it as you take a momentary break. Nothing serious.

The Literature Times: Just out of curiosity, can you share in brief about the works that would follow “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” would feature?

Aruna Shaibya: Yes, I am working on my next book series “Vijaysangram” which is a set of 5 books. Sanjeevani, Devyani, Mitraghaat, Pratighaat and Shraap. It is mythological series and it will be coming soon.

The Literature Times: It is interesting to note how you managed to remain objective about each character even when speaking for them through them in “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma.” How did you maintain this objectivity?

Aruna Shaibya: It is a good question! Each character in my novel holds a different personality. Like Vivek is funny and arrogant sometimes, while Dheeraj is impatient and Prashant is more empathetic. I had defined distinctive roles for each character that way I was able to remain objective about each of my characters and maintain the objectivity.

The Literature Times: I hope that this collection breaks records in royalty collection. Wishing you luck!

Aruna Shaibya: Thank you very much! Thank you all the readers for all the love and support on my novel “Niyatinati”.

About the book “Niyatinati”

Vivek and his two friends are pursuing engineering from one of the reputed institutes I.I.T B.H.U.

Vivek is a very cool person who lives a fun and frolic life. Suddenly a blind turn comes his life and changes the whole direction of his life. This tragedy draws Vivek who was a beauty admirer to OLD RAJENDRA NAGAR which is known as the “graveyard of youth “for preparation for the toughest exam in the country i.e. UPSC. He achieves success by going through the difficult track of frustration, depression and finally SELECTION….

The story does not end here and NIYATI NATI begins her dance and through VIVEK started the story of REVENGE with the flame of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and TRUST. The novel NIYATI NATI reveals that you have to pay for your deeds in this materialistic world only which is known as THE ULTIMATE JUSTICE OF KARMA.

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