Book Review – Niyatinati by Aruna Shaibya

Book Review – Niyatinati by Aruna Shaibya

Destiny and its significance in human lives, on the whole, is always respected, taken into consideration while making important decisions as well as considered the most powerful in front of any force. The same goes for the making of people’s life-changing decisions as well as working without any anticipation of the past or the future. The same effect of destiny has its play in Aruna Shaibya’s novel, “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma.” In addition to writing other forms of writing including one in the Hindi language too, she takes up the theme of explaining destiny, its role in shaping people’s lives, their decisions as well as the events that happen when it pulls the strings. The novel has the interplay of destiny, life, the choices people make and the consequences they face eventually. As a novel of its time, “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” addresses issues that are universal in nature and have a wide relevance.

True to its title, “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” depicts an interesting cover image that intrigues the readers as well as makes them wonder about what the book has in store for them. Karmic destiny is the idea that our life is the result of the decisions we make and the actions we take. It suggests that destiny is created through the accumulation of our choices and the consequences of our actions, rather than predetermined by divine power. The idea finds frequent references throughout “Nityatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” through Vivek’s life, all that he goes through, and the resultant decisions he makes thus.

In “Niyatinati – the ultimate justice of Karma,” the author examines the concept of karma and destiny in detail, drawing on a variety of spiritual and philosophical sources to explore the role of choice and consequence in creating our life paths. They argue that, while our actions shape our destiny, we can still influence our future by making conscious, mindful decisions in the present. While the narrative swings its actions among the metropolitan, and non-metropolitan cities of India, the author successfully connects the readers to the different places through her references and understanding of life as it exists in the places. Whether it is the never-stopping nightlife of Delhi or the life of Haridwar where bedtime is between 8-9 PM, this roots the book deeper into the reader’s minds and builds a connection with their hearts.  The author writes the book from the point of view of both a tourist and a resident at the same time. This is one of the exceptional rare features found in any book.

It can also be considered that “Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma,” by Aruna Shaibya is a work of social relevance as it discusses the critical issue of human trafficking and its effects on the sufferers on the whole. The book touches the readers’ hearts and provokes their thoughts which also makes them ponder over the solution to the problem that lays ahead. Hence, its relevance raises on a larger level.

The author also looks at how the belief in karma and destiny has been embraced in different cultures throughout the story in “Niyatinati – the ultimate justice of Karma.” Whether it is Vivek’s mother observing destiny exerting its control when he chooses to walk the path of his father or his actions which carry the impressions of his father’s fearless style, the author creates a nuanced and in-depth exploration of this ancient idea. The reasons are similar as well as different but the effect of destiny is pervasive and visible in both times. The readers notice this effect equally closely and hence, are engrossed in the book throughout by the time it finishes. Since the book is available in both Hindi and English versions, it makes sure to reach out to as many readers as it can and develop a connection that will also make the book a recommended reading not just for the ones who read it but also in their circle.

“Niyatinati- the ultimate justice of Karma” is recommended to all readers who are interested in reading about facts through fiction. It is also recommended to those who would like to relive their youth through the beaming characters and experience their energy and the life they have in them. While this energy would remind them of their old days, they would also trace the fine line that the author has drawn in the different phases of life where one phase is of the happy days followed by the sad days and eventually getting down to the serious business of the life that follows later. This also ensures that the book is not limited in relevance to any single age group and reaches out to all readers whether elder or younger and ensures that there is something or the other for every reader to read, enjoy, look forward to or relive.

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