Arvind Sharma Talks About His Book “You Can Become Rich”-The Literature Times

Arvind Sharma Talks About His Book “You Can Become Rich”-The Literature Times


The Literature Times: Hello Arvind, Congratulations on the book. We would like to know more about you!
Arvind Sharma: Thank You so much! I am an HR professional with 25 years’ experience in the field of HR. Writing is more of a hobby and I am yet to make big inroads in this space. With just three books (Infinite Intelligence, The Highest Wisdom and You Can Become Rich) to my credit, I am still learning the craft of writing and wish to create some bestsellers in future. If my writing can bring about even a small positive difference in the lives of some people, I would consider myself blessed and fortunate.

The Literature Times:  What was that one particular thing that made you write this book?
Arvind Sharma:
I think everybody wants to achieve financial success in life but not everybody has access to the wisdom required to do so. I wanted to write on this topic in order to share my learnings about financial wisdom and the significant role it plays in one becoming rich.

The Literature Times: The title is powerful and striking. How did you end up having this as the title?
Arvind Sharma:
I wanted to keep the topic very genuine and something that everybody could easily relate to. That’s how I decide to coin this topic.

The Literature Times: In your terms, not as an author but an ordinary man – What is money to you and how important it is?
Arvind Sharma:
Money is important from the perspective of having the freedom to live life on your terms.

The Literature Times: Is there any particular incident in your life that made you feel for a second if I were as rich as that XYZ person?
Arvind Sharma:
I would be happy just being myself and having the freedom to live and enjoy life on my terms. That according to me is true success.

The Literature Times: Which is your favourite chapter from the book? And why?
Arvind Sharma:
The chapter on “The Power of Desire” is my most favorite since without a strong desire one can never achieve anything significant in life.

The Literature Times: What books did you read that talk about the importance of money, saving and investing?

Arvind Sharma: Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, 7 laws of Abundance, The Millionaire Mindset, Warren Buffet Investing

The Literature Times: Apart from writing, what are your favorite things in life?

Arvind Sharma: Reading is a favorite hobby. In addition, I like watching movies, enjoy music and love to travel as well.

The Literature Times: In a friendly manner, if there was one situation to imagine during the Pandemic that you wanted to change with all the money you had, what is\was that?

Arvind Sharma: If deaths of all the people who lost lives during the pandemic could be avoided with money, then I would have loved to do so.

The Literature Times: Your message to the people who plan to earn and save.

Arvind Sharma:You can become rich if you acquire financial wisdom and start implementing the habits of saving and investing on a regular basis.

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