Heena Talwar Sadana Talks About Her Book “Zindagi, Ek Nayi Disha”

Heena Talwar Sadana Talks About Her Book “Zindagi, Ek Nayi Disha”

The Literature Times:. Welcome to The Literature Times and many congratulations on your book. Can you tell us more about yourself??
Heena Talwar Sadana: Thank u so much. I am a simple girl who believes in simplicity and principles, i lead life on my conditions and my principles., i am a strong believer of god. I respect relations, according to me if you want to earn something in life, just earn people and relationships, everything will come to you. Try to be true to your relations.

The Literature Times:  Who is your greatest inspiration in life? And why?
Heena Talwar Sadana: My greatest inspiration is my father who is a journalist, above that he is a good human being and a quick decision maker which makes him an inspiring personality

The Literature Times: How did the idea to write this book came into your mind? What is the main point-of-view of our book?
Heena Talwar Sadana: It’s just the experiences and tough time which was penned down on papers. When we want to share something always remember that papers and diaries are our best friends which will never ever ditch you

The Literature Times: There are many self-help books in the market. How is your book different from them?
Heena Talwar Sadana: This book is relatable to you, it will change your outlook towards life, problems are part of our life but how we can overcome them easily is all what is explained in this book.

The Literature Times: The book not only targets young people but also is intended to the adults. What kind of study did you do to please the readers of any age group?
Heena Talwar Sadana: This book is for all the age groups because problems are part of life be it any age, this book will change your perception to look at problems and you will easily overcome them, every age needs lessons and learnings and it is a learning for all ages

The Literature Times: What are some of your favourite books on self-help and philosophy?

Heena Talwar Sadana : I am not a reader, so i never read any books on self help

The Literature Times: If your book is included into the college syllabus under self-help genre, what would be your feeling and what more do you want to tell to the readers?

Heena Talwar Sadana: I would feel great if this book is included in college, i would want to include it under psychology section because this book helps you to become mentally stronger.

The Literature Times: What are your favourite hobbies and how do you keep yourself inspiring?

Heena Talwar Sadana: Cooking and writing is my hobby, life is an inspiration and more you take from life, more it teaches you something, i keep on sharing my things to my papers which keeps me inspiring.

The Literature Times: What dislikes you the most? And why?

Heena Talwar Sadana: lies gives me a lot of discomfort and due to lies only i have faced so much in life, because if someone says lie in front of me, it triggers me a lot and i need to do something for that which puts me into trouble many times .

The Literature Times: Few words to our readers.

Heena Talwar Sadana: It’s just that life is a teacher, accept it as your guru, respect it and learn from it, you will see how easily you will deal with every phase. Make yourself happy because if u are happy u see the world good and if u are sad, everything seems to be bad.

Khud ke baare me na kisi pandit se poocho na kisi peer se poocho,

Khud to jano aur apne zameer se poocho

Aur jab khush rahoge to zameer bhi khushi se jawab dega

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