Shrey Kakkar, Author of “Extra-Terrestrial Economics,” Tries To Explain Economics Using Comics – Book Review

Shrey Kakkar, Author of “Extra-Terrestrial Economics,” Tries To Explain Economics Using Comics – Book Review

Economics into a comic book as per initiated by the author “Shrey Kakkar”, in his book the “Extra-terrestrial Economics”, itself leaves a huge question mark in every single being’s mind of what and how, it could even have a link with each other where economics is a branch of knowledge linked to the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth and resources has a hell and heaven difference than that of the comic concept, which is precisely known for its humorous and witty illustrations and remark.

Hence, the author has proven that this too can be possible from his very first graphic novel –”Extra-terrestrial Economics”, where every inch and critical concepts of the subject has been explained and described in an incredible and interesting way through a comic format.

The story revolves almost around the protagonist “Jamal” who is introduced to an alien coming on Earth, to whom he explains the major and eternal concepts (i.e the key points) of Economics, through various scenarios and examples from the ambience around.

The story begins with the alien landing on Earth and discovering a sheet of paper under a tree which contained an assignment of Economics which belonged to Jamal. Spotting the scenario, Jamal reaches out to the alien asking to hand him over the sheet since it contained some necessary information related to economics.

To this, the alien enquires that if economics is a space-volleyball or not and then and there Jamal knowing that the alien has no basic knowledge about the subject, takes an initiative to explain the key concepts of the subject while walking around the streets.

In the book, the “Extra-terrestrial Economics”, the author in the format of a comic has wonderfully described and had put emphasis on topics like scarcity, money, micro as well as macroeconomics and the most important topic highlighted was the demand, supply, and inflation which is hardly understood by any students through the textbooks of economics. The core concepts cannot be understood until proper examples and illustrations is fed into the minds of the youngsters. These key concepts are as important as the heart of mathematics is the “BODMAS” rule/concept.

The book has a wonderful combination of resolved lines and illustrations mending and combining into each other to form a visualized interesting factor to be understood and put focus on.

The novel with its concept of humour and witty showings helps one to understand and drive into it along with the interesting eye catching factors. Youngsters in this generation who is very much into social media and creativity works would definitely find it more precise and interesting to give it a read and stick to the book till the end. Therefore, this wonderful attempt by the author Shrey Kakkar in his comic novel is a “must read” for every students striving hard in understanding the basic idea of the subject “economics”.

The notion mended in the form of such amusing illustrations by this humorist must be bought and read by every being who is or were some way in their life unresolved of the doubts to get a vivid view/notion of economics.

Reviewed By: Soudia Parveen

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