“Mancando” By Author Shreyas Mogal-Book Review

“Mancando” By Author Shreyas Mogal-Book Review

Mancando, an Ordeal of Revenge and Rhythm is a crime thriller, written by Shreyas Mogal and published by Evincepub Publisher. The book has 221 pages and is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

The plot of the book is an interesting one. A billionaire industrialist was shot dead on stage at one of the most significant events of his life. The billionaire was Vikram Kashyap. Now, when the police started the investigation, they came across 2 more murders, that too brutal ones. As much as the case would be a hard nut to crack, the Inspectors, Reyansh Singh, and Kyra Ghosh find themselves in danger. But the case is so complicated, that Inspector Reyansh decides to continue the investigation, even against the orders of the commissioner which gets him suspended. But, as a true Policeman, he did not give up and decided to unfold the truth, the ugly truth behind the case. Why were the industrialist and two other people killed?  Were they just murders or something more dangerous for many innocent lives of Mumbai? The plot of the book is extremely gripping. The reader will get to read a lot about different murders, human psychology, and some gruesome crimes.

Now, the story is set in Mumbai and showcases various details about life in Mumbai. While reading the book, the reader will actually feel like they know the places well due to a good and informative description of the places mentioned in the book. The reader will like how the emotions of several characters were connected to different places, which added more beauty to it. Talking of the characters, there are many shady and interesting characters in the book. The character portrayal by the author is perfectly detailed and entertaining. The description is so good that the reader will feel that they know the characters in real life. As the reader will proceed further, they will be able to relate to the characters and somehow, some actions of each character will seem to be justified in the book. Reyansh Singh, the brave cop is a character with a huge impact due to the different sides, twists, and turns in the character’s life. Great character portrayal by the author!

Dialogues play a major in every book, especially a crime thriller where conversations have the most important and crucial details of what is going to happen next or what is happening at the moment. The author has done complete justice to the dialogue delivery. Every sentence that the reader will read will feel like they are listening to it from the characters like they are available at the particular scenario and watching and listening to it all live. The narration, of the story, hits right at the moment. The description, explanation, suspense, thrill, questions, answers, leading on, and then another mystery, each and everything is intriguing.

Overall, the author has done a great job at the crime thriller. However, some criminal descriptions in the book may seem too strong for a few readers, so be careful while reading the book. The crime thriller lovers will love the book surely.

Reviewed By-Antara Shivhare

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