“Atmashakti ki Yatra” by Bhanu Pratap Yadaw-Book Review

“Atmashakti ki Yatra” by Bhanu Pratap Yadaw-Book Review

Atmashakti ki Yatra is a poetry collection penned down by Bhanu Pratap “Bhanu”. The book is published by Astitva Prakashan.

The poems revolve around various themes like life, motivation, betrayals, nature and self-awakening. The author has written simple yet deep and engaging poems on everyday life topics. The problems we face in our everyday life, the plants we see around us, the climate changes, the changes in human behavior, and a lot more regular happenings in our lives are portrayed by the author in a rhythmic way. The reader will get to read on minute topics like water droplets, ego clashes, confidence, sadness, bravery and lots more in a very effective set of words. No matter which poem you read, the depth of each poem, the details, the choice of words, everything will make you feel as if you are reading about the topic for the first time, such is the detailing in the author’s work.

The author has written several types of poems. Some of the poems will make you happy, many will motivate you and boost your confidence, some will take you down the memory lane and some will make you recall your toughest times and how you overcame them. Also, there are many poems on nature, how bad we are ignoring the alarming signs, and how much the small things of nature matter to our lives. The author has also written on humans, their ego, their false pride, the destruction caused by humans and the possible outcomes. Some of the poems have very strong opinions which will surely impress the reader.

The poems will teach great lessons to the reader. As already mentioned, there are many poems on many different topics. The readers will learn the value of time, the value of giving up ego, false pride and the value of being kind. The importance of nature and the wildlife also teaches a lot, and works as a great awakening for this generation to take care of the Earth. A few topics in the book have been repeated and written in parts, but each time, every part has shown a different purpose and different lessons to be taught.

The author’s style of writing is simple and easy to understand. The poems are in rhymes, and hence it is really fun to read and the reader can understand the poems and their meanings easily. However, there are a few tough words which might be unknown to the reader, but for that, you can always google the meaning.

The way author has portrayed several emotions with such simplicity is applaudable. One can easily feel the pain, anguish, confusions, happiness and other emotions of the author penned down so beautifully. The book might take time to get completed as there are a lot of delightful poems with deep meanings. Even if you will read a particular poem 2-3 times, you will learn something new from it.

If you are someone who loves to read poetry, loves to know the hidden meaning behind the simple words and attractive sentences, try reading the book. The book has great lessons, wonderful vocabulary, depth and fantastic poems. You will surely love reading this one.

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