“Naadan Parindey” by Ankit Trivedi-Book Review

“Naadan Parindey” by Ankit Trivedi-Book Review

To change a person’s life, one incident is enough. However, it is a matter of choice that defines a person’s life otherwise. The book “Naadan Parindey: Ek Prem Katha” written by Ankit Trivedi, resonates with this central idea, and it is only when the readers reach a certain point when they realize this. On the surface, appears to be a simple Hindi fiction book that depicts the linear life of the characters that feature in the book. It presents our day-to-day life through the story of Avinash, but on a closer examination, the readers would find the book to be relevant beyond levels of mere simplicity. It’s relevance on the social, psychological, and domestic levels is easily noticed by the readers.

The book cover and the title “Naadan Parindey” complement each other very well. It sends out waves of thought in the minds of the readers in no time. While reading, it seems like one would be watching the conversation of the characters in person. The book has multiple personalities, such as Avinash, Aysha, Nirma, Avinash’s father, mother, and sister. Avinash belongs to a small city where many things are restricted or isn’t advisable to do in the first place. This basic fact helps the readers connect with the characters instantly.

The story of “Naadan Parindey” begins from the day when Avinash’s board exam results are declared. This again becomes a routine fragment of an ordinary life since students, exams, the family pressure to perform well, and the sociological impact are unignorable experiences for a regular reader. The events that follow also appear to be the fate of a normal household, but what happens thereafter highlights the impact of choice in a person’s life. The appearance of Aysha in Avinash’s life and the ways in which she affects him is something that would be relatable for many readers too. While the readers’ hearts go out to Avinash and his fate, they also extend their support subconsciously and hope that better days will follow.

In the story, Avinash’s father has been an inspiration for him. Whatever he does in the story is influenced by his father. It also highlights the importance of the presence of a father or a role model in a person’s life. The way he devoted himself to social work is an inspiration for the youth as he clearly demonstrates how life can be made meaningful and sensible in more than one way. Avinash’s story represents all the people who think that they can’t achieve anything in their life. “Naadan Parindey” gives a clear message that everyone can do all that they dream of, and everything takes time. The simplicity of the story touches the hearts of the readers. When the author narrates the story, many readers would feel the waves of a 90s movie. Every incident in the story ultimately shows the reality of Indian society. For example- female foeticide, dowry and job inequality, and making people aware of sanitary pads. The book is concise in that it seems like a short story, and one could finish it in one sitting.

Although “Naadan Parindey” is a short reading, the author Ankit Trivedi examines the psychological states, impacts, and implications of their actions on the characters. From the day of his results to the day he decides to turn his life around, Avinash’s life shows the evolution of a person in a short span of time. On a domestic level, the equation between Nirmala and Avinash does not escape the observation of the readers. The presence of English words shows the powerful influence of colonialism even in an ordinary small-town Indian household. The readers who are interested in reading a work that comes from the heart of India should try reading Trivedi’s short book. Even the readers who are interested in reading works or want to begin reading books in the Hindi language can begin with “Naadan Parindey.”

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