Author Ruchi Prabhu: I Believe I am a Learner for Life!

Author Ruchi Prabhu: I Believe I am a Learner for Life!

Ruchi Prabhu an author of management book, fiction and short read has recently launched her another marvellous creation – “Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations is a book where the author has told about the speeding journey in the world of Finance. She further elaborates it by saying that this period has witnessed major developments in the nature and intensity of financial regulations and markets, as well as repeated cycles of regulatory reform and development, often linked to crisis conditions. The recent financial crisis (coronavirus) has led to unparalleled interest in financial regulation from policymakers, economists, legal practitioners, and the academic community, and has prompted large-scale regulatory reform. Financial Regulation is the first comprehensive, authoritative, and state of the art account of the nature of financial regulation.

Below are some major points to learn from this book

  • Credits are always good if you use them well
  • Organize a monthly date night to plan your finances
  • Use a ‘buy and hold’ stock portfolio
  • Fear and greed result in crappy financial decisions

In the past she has published short read, Fiction book and management book My Pawfect Friend, The Gift, SPSS is just a cakewalk for researchers

“My Pawfect Friend” is a heart-warming story perfect for fans of Dogs. This book which is best for dog lover. It is story of a boy Rohit and a Dog. After his brother death Rohit had never planned to get encounter with dogs as he always thought it was the dog fault for the brother death but, when the so called destiny had been so kind to us! When Rohit thought his life was at the best, the world was hit by a deadly virus. India had announced nationwide lockdown and his travel was restricted, so he was stuck in Mumbai. He used to hate staying in Mumbai just because a street dog used to sleep everyday on his door mat and this used to irritate him, after several attempts of making dog hate him it didn’t work. On one hand he was also already frustrated by the pandemic and just eat, sleep and repeat schedule and on the other hand these news channel used to make him worry by publishing various breaking news of fire, cyclone, earthquakes. Rohit now had started feeling each passing day of 2020 as if he is a part of magical video game of Jumanji, where he is just trapped in the house and only death can make return to real world. Finally, the Mumbai faces a severe Earthquake of 8.8 magnitude. The story will take you to a ride from hate to friendship to love with various twist and turns.

By reading the whole story you will be answered to the following questions

  • Whether the dog is alive or dead by Earthquake?
  • Was Rohit rescued successfully from Earthquake?
  • Does Rohit accepts the dog and loves him or still he will hate him?

“Pets understand humans better than humans do.”

 – Ruchi Prabhu

“The Gift” is just about my share of experiencing romance, hatred, longing and drops the most. An individual observes a bunch to pick up nuisance of personalities and relationship dynamics of those around him/her. Unlike other books that depicts love as an affair, this book expresses love not just as an affair but love as a feeling that is over and above being defined, be it a parent-child relation or the relation between two friends. The Gift is a complete package that speaks not just about love but also about time and the relevance of self-improvement.  This book contains my way of expressing through haiku or Epigrams which evoke my personal feelings dealing with a good ending and sometimes with the ray of no hope in a scalding weather.

“SPSS is just a cakewalk for researchers” is for someone thought of writing a research paper, doing a PhD or achieving a position in corporate world like Research Analyst/Researcher/Research Managers? If “Yes”, then this book is only for you. Dreaming about such is a tendency so common among us. But remember, only a few, a rare few, manage to complete their dreams despite of the problem in doing research.

     Learning Statistical Computing using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was never easier. The Idea of writing this book for students of statistics, research methodology, business research, social science research, teaching professionals & research scholars with over more than 50 screen images, will help readers to led step by step through uses of SPSS in analysing data from raw facts to accurate hypothesized answer. If you are dreaming to go in research field then you should have one copy of this book in your bookshelf. This book is a great stimulus to move from where you are to where you want to be in research field!

“Do not invest, if you can’t make it worthwhile”

                                                                                                                                                -Ruchi Prabhu

Let’s know some facts about her

Ruchi Prabhu, Born & Bought up in Mumbai, is pursuing PhD (Finance) from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune and has accomplished MBA (Finance) from Dr. V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Thane and (Banking & Insurance) from NES Ratnam College, Bhandup. She had completed her schooling from Holy Cross Convent High School, Thane. She is currently working with an MNC based out in Powai, Mumbai.

She has also done SPSS course from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has contributed extensively to the world of Banking & Finance with publication appearing in the International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Science, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development. She is also a winner of “Young Achiever Award” for the quality of research work done in finance domain. She is an IBM Certified Specialist in running SPSS Software and guides PhD Students for the work in research and helps them with the Data Interpretation (SPSS Analysis) of their PhD Thesis.

She has published 4 books – SPSS is just a cakewalk for researchers (2018), The Gift (2019), My Pawfect Friend (2020), Financial Regulations (2020). She is also a winner of a National Award “Best Debut Indian Author”, “Author of the Year -2019” and “Voice of Indian Literature” for her Debut Book “SPSS is Just a Cakewalk for Researchers.” She has also been featured as an “Inspiring author for 2020”. She is being nominated for “The Lit Digital award 2020” and the nominated book is – The Gift.

If you like to contact her, she would love to hear from you. She is available at




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