“Blossoming Consciousness” By Moheni Govinda Nehette-Book Review

“Blossoming Consciousness” By Moheni Govinda Nehette-Book Review

“We probably take each and every action to find our WAY, but often we forget to look for that WHY, the very basic question that we need to answer to ourselves before finding out our way!”

This remarkable book, “Blossoming Consciousness” by Author Moheni Govinda Nehette is written with a beautiful aim of imparting knowledge by creating motivation in the life of the people, who are seeking wisdom to excel in their lives. This book changes your mindset and attitude and teaches you the ways of facing the challenges, which is bound to occur in everyone’s life. The manner in which the Author has provided solution with regards to most of the issues, which people of this generation are facing, is truly incredible!

Author’s Background: The Author Moheni Govinda Nehette is a die-heart follower of the popular spiritual guru, Shri Shri Ravishankarji and very sincerely follows his teachings. Author Moheni has a total of ‘6 Books’ under her name as of now and we certainly can expect many more titles from her side, in the coming days. Most of her books are based upon spirituality and the art of living a healthy and positive life.

Author Moheni Govinda Nehette has a very huge and an active base of readers along with her presence on several social media channels. To find out more about the Author, her books and the other achievements made by her please visit her website: https://mohenigovindanehette.in/

Book’s Introduction: The book, “Blossoming Consciousness” by Author Moheni Govinda Nehette is a “Self Help Book” decoding the intimate human performance and showing the ways of how we all are connected to the one core! This book is all about the profound possibility of human beings and it will show you systematically what is actually possible for the human race.

In addition, the Author believes that this book will prove the readers that they can do anything no matter from where they come from and will help them to make their mark glow. That is why this book is an ultimate tool for the readers to leave their legacy on the planet along with fulfilling the desires of their souls!

This book shares some great insights and covers some of the prime subject matters related to lives of the common people and the challenges, which they faces in their everyday lives. The book talks about some very practical and insightful solutions, which are bound to help the readers to overcome the challenges faced by them in their everyday lives, that too in a smooth manner.

Motivation is a very big factor that keeps us – the human beings moving ahead in the paths of achieving our goals. Well, the Author has summarised her observations, experiences and knowledge in this book, which she tends to provide to his readers through the 6 Reading Worthy Lessons presented in this book, Blossoming Consciousness!

Readers’ Connect: The uniqueness of this book, Blossoming Consciousness is that the Author has laid down some very practical guides for those readers, who are looking forward to fulfill their dreams and mark their presence in this world forever, so that they could be remembered for years even after they are gone!

Through this book, the Author encourages to fulfill the bridge between you and your desires. This book begins where many ends, since you will find the same theories and formulas elsewhere, while through this book, the Author is making an incredible attempt to bring the change in the readers’ lives. So that the ones, who are following the Author’s guides can reach out to something that has no limitations and boundations.

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like Blossoming Consciousness could be described as a “True Motivational Guide and a Saviour” for the people, who are looking out for the answers to the questions pertaining to the very existence of the human life! Through this book, you not only get the answers of your long unanswered questions, but you also achieve a mindset to create solutions for yourself, which makes this book a MUST READ one!

Moreover, the Author tends to answer the basic questions, which results in the progression of the human life, like the purpose of life, reasons for going behind our pursuits and the methods of facing the setbacks in the pursuits of our life, in his very own way. Therefore, Author Moheni Govinda Nehette must be given a chance by the readers for her honest work.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9354464033/

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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