“Mixed Emotions” By Author Lakshita Bhargava-Book Review

“Mixed Emotions” By Author Lakshita Bhargava-Book Review

This children’s story collection title, “Mixed Emotions” by Author Lakshita Bhargava presents the readers a very beautiful narration in which two cousin sisters finally meets each other after a real long stretch of period. This book may amaze you with its extraordinary and marvellous illustrations along with a lovely fictional tale for the children. Moreover, there is not even a single shred of doubt that this book is incredible and something that may be considered as a perfect fit for the children!

Author’s Background: For the Author, Lakshita Bhargava language seemed to come easy and very naturally, English was her favourite subject in the school. She picked up Spanish as a young girl playing with children of other first generation immigrant parents in the courtyard of the apartment building; she had lived in off Biscayne Blvd in Miami, Fl.

Lakshita always loved to write. She was a dreamer with a vivid imagination and she has written countless poems among which a few of them got published in the local newspaper too. She decided to write stories for children. This book, Mixed Emotions is one of the children’s story collection, which she has written. The Author now lives in New Delhi, India where she trains on life skills and tutors in English as well as in Spanish. She also has a daughter, Yana whom she encourages to act on her dreams.

About the Book: This book, “Mixed Emotions” by Author Lakshita Bhargava is a “Juvenile Fictional Book” presenting the book readers with a very lovely and emotional story of the meeting of two cousin sisters and the interactions, which took place between them while they stayed together! 

The readers are bound to love the innocent interaction between two sisters and it will take many of us to a beautiful journey of our own childhood days. The Author has presented her story in a very soothing and magical manner; In addition, the flow of the writing is very well maintained until the very end.

Book Title: The title of this book, “Mixed Emotions” is seriously very beautiful and a ‘Catchy’ one too and the Author has been truly wise to go with such a lovely title for her book. Well, the title of the book will not only make you pick up this book but also go through the whole book in order to understand the symbolism of this book title. Therefore, it reflects the smartness of the Author to come up with such a brilliant book title!

Book Cover: Moreover, if we look towards the Book Cover then undoubtedly one can say that the cover is indeed alluring and creating a very creative impression towards the work of the Author. The book cover is making this Juvenile Fictional Novel, look even more interesting and is indeed creating a very mesmerizing effect upon the readers.

Book’s Illustrations: The uniqueness of this book lays in the illustrations, which are present inside the book. Almost each and every single page in this book portrays some illustrations, giving a perfect theme to the stories inside the book. The manner, in which these illustrations are present all over the book, simply reflects the out of the box idea, which the Author had for her book.

Undoubtedly, the illustrations in this book are ‘Praise Worthy’ and something so incredible that the whole book is seen with a creative vision now!

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like ‘Mixed Emotions’ is bound to amaze you with its beautiful and emotional fictional and this children’s story book is a MUST READ one for sure. In addition, Author Lakshita Bhargavashould be given a chance by the readers for her hard work and creativity, which simply is incredible!

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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