Book Review: “Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method” by Thilaga Kumar – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

Book Review: “Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method” by Thilaga Kumar – The Literature Times Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

“You will get whatever sales you want; when you help your prospect to get whatever they want.” – Author

Well, before starting the review of this amazing sales & business title, “Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method” by Author Thilaga Kumar, let us understand the concept of this term – ‘Cumulative Selling’ first, as many of us might be unknown to most of the business terms. Cumulative Selling comes from the scientific word Cumulative Effect, which means that the sales result comes from the combined effect of the various skills and traits that a salesperson possesses!

Author’s Background: Author Thilaga Kumar is the first Women Author in South India and second Women Author in India to write a book on sales. She is also a B2B Tech Sales Leader with decades of experience scaling business in Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defence Industries. Author Thilaga is on the mission to empower women to consider and grow in their sales career by filing the gender gap, achieving financial independence and to live truly to their maximum potential.

Besides being an author, Thilaga is a founder of ‘Sell Like Her’ Movement, Key Note Speaker, Podcast Host of ‘Sell Like Her’, High Ticket Closer, certified from Dan Lok University, Clubhouse Host and Global Collaborator, Host of ‘Global Sales Talk Show’ over YouTube. In addition, she is a caring mother to a beautiful daughter and a loving wife to a supportive husband, managing a great work-life balance.  

Book’s Introduction: The book, “Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method” by Author Thilaga Kumar is a brilliant sales & business title, coming under the category of “Business Guide!” This book is designed for those sales professionals, who are seeking guide to carry out their sales targets and achieve a great result in the field of sales!

This book is a practical guide with tons of sales tips, tools, expert views, sales experiences, case studies and many more through which one can lead a successful sales life with work life balance. The book aids the readers to raise themselves from unsuccessful sales professionals to successful sales professionals. Since the book aims to change your mindset & attitude and teaches you the ways of facing the challenges, which constantly occurs with the sales professionals. The manner in which the Author has provided solution concerning most of the issues, which most the people in sales field are facing, is truly incredible.

In addition, the Author has also summarized her own learnings in her book, which she had gained from her experience in the field of sales, over the decades. This book shares some great insights and covers some of the sales techniques and those subject matters, which indeed helpful in carrying out sales successfully. Well, the Author has summarised her observations, experiences & knowledge in this book, which she tends to provide to the readers through the 12 Reading Worthy Chapters!

Readers’ Connect: The uniqueness of this book, Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method is that the Author has laid down some very practical and easy to follow guides for those readers & professionals, who are looking forward to excel in the field of sales.

The book is written in such a great manner that it can be helpful for both a beginner as well as an experienced sale’s professional. Through this book, the Author ensures that the chances scoring sales successfully becomes easier for any sales person. Moreover, the pattern in which the author has designed this book is truly helpful for the readers to understand the various sales theories, which she is aiming to highlight through the book. The book lays out various secrets to carry out sales successfully and is also filled with several quotes from the authors and other big names of the sales field, which is bound to appeal the readers!

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method can be described as a “True Guide & a Saviour” for the sales professionals. Through this book, the sales professionals are bound to learn the various sales techniques and methods of carrying out sales successfully. Well, this is the beauty of this book that it is helping people in making their career. In addition, the book also helps the sales professionals to achieve a mindset to create solutions for themselves, which makes this book a MUST READ one! Moreover, the Author tends to answer all those basic questions, which occurs in the professional journey of the sales people. Therefore, Author Thilaga Kumar must be given a chance by the readers for her sincere and brilliant work.

Book: Cumulative Selling – New Age Sales Method

Author: Thilaga Kumar

Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing (2022)

Total Pages: 218

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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