Book Review Of Pati Patni Aur Side Effects

Book Review Of Pati Patni Aur Side Effects

“Happiness is that essence of life, which keeps the life going. To have a dream of seeing smile on every face is something that only a pure soul can desire; all we need is to make sure that we lead our lives like a celebration!”

Well, before starting the review of this title, “Pati Patni Aur Side Effects” by Author Anil Manawat, let me mention that through this book, the Author has made a brilliant effort to generate some very positive & happy thoughts in the minds of the readers. This book is actually a collection of jokes by the Author, which he intended to share with the readers and by doing so; he is making a great contribution to our society. Since, we all need happiness in our lives and the author has made sure to provide us that happiness through his humorous work in this book.

About the Author: Author Anil Manawat, is also known for ‘Love Ka Over Dose,’ which was his first book, while this title, ‘Pati Patni Aur Side Effects’is his second book, which got published by Evincepub Publishing. The book got released worldwide on 15th of August 2022 and is currently available in paperback version on amazon for the readers.

Book’s Introduction: This book, “Pati Patni Aur Side Effects” by Author Anil Manawat is a light-hearted title and comes under the category of ‘Humour & Comedy!’ Well, this book is a bi-lingual title, where both English as well as Hindi languages have been used in the making of this book. The book presents the readers with a light comedy humour between the couples that takes place in their daily lives!

In addition, the book consists of a collection of ‘180 Freshly Prepared Jokes’ by the Author, which took around 5 years of the author’s time. This book is meant to relax the readers’ mind and is expected to make them laugh. Moreover, the book is also supposed to work as a stress buster, which is most needed in the current situation of our life. The author believes that laughing is a good hormone for our body and it will make our mind a stress free and positive feeling towards our life.

Book Title: The title “Pati Patni Aur Side Effects” for this book, which is a collection of mostly the typical Indian husband-wife jokes, is certainly an appropriate one with reference to the content of this book. Moreover, it is a very ‘Catchy Title’ and this is something, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is giving a very humorous & interesting vibe so you would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s thoughts!

In addition, I must mention that the title of this book is much “Justified” with regards to the reading worthy notes present in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt for this book & the Author had been extremely wise to go for this book title.

Readers Connect: Through this book, Author Anil Manawat has attempted to bring smile on the faces of his readers; well this is surely something for which the readers would give it a read. The whole aim of making the readers of the book happy is certainly adding value to this title & showing the pure heart of the Author!

Another very important aspect of this book is that the content in it are all very much fresh and author’s own creation, which the readers would appreciate. The typical Indian husband-wife jokes are not something new in the comedy market, however, this book is presenting the same subject to the readers but with a fresh content, which is bound to makes the readers laugh & enjoy this title.

Verdict: A Book like “Pati Patni Aur Side Effects” is for sure a Must Read one& deserves a chance by the readers. The way Author had penned down the jokes will make the readers go deep into content of this book. Author,Anil Manawat is a promising Author, who is very honest with his emotions, which makes his writings honest and reading worthy as well.    

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