Book Review of the Book- “Chrysanthemom” by the Author Dr. Satish Chandra Gaikwad- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4.

Book Review of the Book- “Chrysanthemom” by the Author Dr. Satish Chandra Gaikwad- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4.

About the Author-

Dr. Satish Gaikwad MD (Medicine)

Consultant Physician and Aviation Medicine Specialist

Poet, writer, and lyricist

Member of API

Founder Member of Indian Society of Criticare Medicine

Associate Fellow Aerospace Medicine Society

Member Association Chest physician India

Former Director of Medical Services Air India

Writer and Poet: Introduction to his creative work

Dr. Satish Gaikwad is Consultant Physician practicing at Juhu Mumbai. He is fully devoted to preserving, promoting the health of society, and preventing diseases.

He has a keen interest in science and Nature. He is Poet and Writer. He has written three books of poetry and also written his autobiography. He is co-author of a book on Hypertension.

Book Review

Poetry conveys the emotions born from the depths of experience, which not only enlighten the readers, but they also appeal to the in-depth thought processes and ideas of a person. Prose, as a style of literary writing, is unable to create the same magic and aura that a piece of poetry can and touch the emotions of the readers in a far more impactful manner. “Chrysanthemom” by Satishchandra Marutrao Gaikwad is one piece of literary writing that achieves this feat through the effortless style of poetry written by the author. At the same time, the poet talks about many different subjects which form the fragment of human lives and influence them on the whole. The impact of this resonates throughout the text and keeps the readers in tune with the different forms of poetry writing that the author undertakes in his writing.

Chrysanthemom begins with poems that are based on the routine experiences and observations of the author and bear the impressions of the impact that events have had on people and society as a whole. In some poems, the readers are mere observers or listeners to what the author shares, and in some poems, they become participants who agree with the poet’s words and identify and relate with the situations he takes up and writes about. This holds true for the different covid poems Gaikwad has written, which include “Covid Warrior,” “Covid 19,” “Melancholy,” “The Doctor,” and others. These poems take the readers back to the dark days of the pandemic when lives were being lost like the sweep of a wave. While countless lives were lost, it also taught the readers valuable lessons which the author recalls.

The poetry collection of more than 40 poems touches different dimensions in literary writing. The author in “Chrysanthemom” picks his raw material from history and writes, “Tarabai the brave Maratha Queen.” The readers here take the seat of an observer who listens to an event of history and hears the story of a valiant warrior. There are poems like “Tai my sister,” “Anna- my eldest brother,” “Mother please forgive me,” “Mother’s hand,” and others that are born from a different aspect of the poet’s family. These poems relate on a personal level as they are where the poet pours his heart as he reminisces over life. These poems also showcase the deep connection the author shares with his family and how they have influenced and shaped his life. This makes readers of all ages connect with Gaikwad’s poetry instantly and develop a connection that remains even after they have finished the collection.

Gaikwad’s poems are born from the ordinary but assume extraordinary dimensions due to the choice of words of the author and give them the touches of immortality. These touches ensure that the readers keep coming back to the poems and reading them again and again. They may also refer them to their friends, family members, and younger people they know. “Chrysanthemom” by Satishchandra Marutrao Gaikwad will be known for the well chosen subjects, the thought put into choosing the right words, the expressions that the author uses to convey complex emotions, and the situations he takes to explore in his poetry writing.

“Chrysanthemom” by Satishchandra Marutrao Gaikwad is a poetry collection that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and can be read at different times. It is not just due to the content, it also is due to the language that the poet uses in writing the poems. It is clear, simple, and easily understandable. At the same time, the poetic style of Gaikwad is compact, compressed, concisely focused on the title of the poem, and very specific. This increases the relevance of the title, and thus the poems make more sense. It is also interesting to observe how the author chooses his titles. They may say what the subject of the poem will be, yet they are prompted to read and find out what the poems have to say. Therefore, all readers who are interested in poetry reading can try reading Gaikwad’s collection “Chrysanthemom” and explore the depths of writing that the poet takes to write and express his style.

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