Book Review of the Book- Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities

Book Review of the Book- Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities

“True courage results in some extraordinary outcomes, something which we hope for deep down in our hearts but do not really expect in our practical life and yet life surprises us with some beyond imaginable out-turns, only because of our courageous and bold moves!”

This remarkable book, “Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities” by Author Chaitanya S Agarwal is carrying a very beautiful aim of imparting wisdom to the readers. Through this book, the author has carried out the noble task of circulating the wisdoms and the advices, which the great personalities belonging to the various hemispheres, across the globe has preached to the world. The book is designed by compiling the quotes and the thoughts of the great personalities and the author dedicates his work to his parents!

About the Author: Author Chaitanya S Agarwal, is a retired Groundwater Scientist from the State Groundwater Department of Uttar Pradesh. He keeps on traveling from one place to another and meeting with various kinds of people, which inspired me to write various technical articles related to Groundwater. During the last 40 years, the author has written numerous technical papers, a book on the ‘Application of Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Monitoring and Management’, a fiction book titled ‘My Travel History’, followed by another fictional title ‘My Work Memoir 1966-2012’, and recently he has also published another fiction book with the title ‘Mere Jeevan Ke Khatte Meethe Anubhav’. Besides all these literary achievements, Author Chaitanya has written a number of small articles on various social platforms highlighting the Groundwater problems, social issues, etc.

Book’s Introduction: This book, “Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities” by Author Chaitanya S Agarwal is a written to circulate the noble messages of the various notable personalities, whom the world has seen. The book carries a brilliant aim of imparting wisdom to the readers and comes under the category of ‘Motivational Title!’ Well, the book presents a marvellous compilation of the quotes and the thoughts of some greatest national as well as international personalities in order to serve their valuable guidance to the common person of the current era. During the last 100 years, a number of great leaders, scientists, technocrats, engineers, defence personnel, spiritual gurus, saints, sports personalities, and the persons in the field of entertainment has done a lot of work for the upliftment of the society, country and of the whole world too by playing a crucial role in various fields!

The book highlights how these iconic personalities has devoted and sacrificed their whole life for the cause of human development. Time and again, quotes, slogans, and saying of such persons have inspired us in multitudinous ways. Knowingly or unknowingly, the world has been under the influence of some great personalities. Be it, M K Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, or Hitler. They have uttered their views and feelings on various issues, which have now become the Words of Wisdom with their deep values and they will keep on inspiring the common people for many and many generations to come.

Readers’ Connect: Well, the interesting thing about this title, ‘Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities’ is that it is written with a very noble approach. Through this book, the author has aimed to preach the readers with the noble and worthy messages of the great personalities, who belonged to the various hemispheres, across the globe. Moreover, this book is designed in such a manner that it can act as a source of knowledge, wisdom and guide to the readers, which indeed seems to be helpful for the book readers!

In addition, the ending section of the book, where the author has drawn an incredible comparison between the Indian and the International personalities is something that is bound to kindle the interest of the readers.

Book’s Verdict: If we will study the complete subject matter presented by the author in this book, then we can easily conclude that of course, the Book Title is very apt and suitable. The author had very well justified the book title, as the subject matter present in this book truly gives a complete account of the teachings, thoughts and the messages by the notable personalities of our world.

Moreover, a book like “Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities” deserves a chance by all kinds of readers as the content present in the book is something, which all of us needs to know. The book is indeed motivational in nature and is undoubtedly written with a very noble approach, which makes it a MUST READ one! 

Therefore, for the sake of knowledge and wisdom, this book fits as a Reading Worthy title and for the hard and honest word of Author Chaitanya S Agarwal, the book deserves all the appreciation.

Book: Words Of Wisdom From Some Great Personalities

Authors: Chaitanya S Agarwal

Publisher: Astitva Prakashan (2022)

Total Pages: 349

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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