Book Review: The Incongruence Butterfly By Ravishkumar Patil

Book Review: The Incongruence Butterfly By Ravishkumar Patil

Breakups are hurtful, right? And they are extremely heartbreaking if it happens with a person whom we love a lot. At times, these kinds of incidents and heartbreaks damage people not only emotionally, but mentally too. That too in such ways that none could even expect. But, what if, the heartbreak has a purpose? What if it gets connected to scientific reasons and you end up saving the world? How would that be?

Such is the plot of The Incongruence Butterfly, a wonderful romantic thriller penned down by Ravishkumar Patil. The book has 250 pages and is available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Flipkart.

The story revolves around the life of Kaviresh and the misshape     nings in his life. One day, he goes missing, without leaving any clue, except his diary. His wife, Nisha, and mom try hard to find him, but they don’t get any clue. Soon, Nisha finds his diary, where he has written about his life. To get a clue, she reads it, only to find shocking surprises.

Kaviresh’s diary has many things related to his life. In the diary, he has penned down the different phases of his life- School days, College days, Job, and Married Life. Honestly, the diary has a major role in the book as it explains a lot about the main character, what all happened in his life, how it happened, why it happened, and his feelings. This is why the character development of the characters in the book is great and informative. The reader will know about everyone’s backstory which helps in connecting the dots and enjoying the book.

Now, the story started as a tale of a missing person and his life, but slowly adds themes like science, crime, thrill, and suspense. The book has different themes going on at different times, simultaneously talking about topics like religion, honor killings, kidnapping, crimes, etc. Connecting the dots and understanding the story can get tough if the reader won’t read Kaviresh’s diary.

The book also has a beautiful yet tragic love angle, which talks about Kaviresh’s and Rashi’s love story. Rashi was his love and both were fond of each other. But, as fate would have it, they had to get separated for a cause. I genuinely loved how pure the bond between the two people is shown. Their maturity, their acts, their feelings, and care towards one another, everything was perfect.

The way the author has written the whole story, you can feel what the characters are going through. The reader will feel the emotions like fear, heartbreak, love, happiness, courage, and whatnot. One more thing which is great about the book is that it has touched various demons of the society, like honor killings, kidnapping of children, various crimes in the name of religion. It takes guts to write about something so sensitive yet important to talk about.

Since the beginning, there will be mystery ready for the reader, which will keep getting unfolded as the story will proceed. But there is a lot of suspense in the book like you crack one mystery, another comes in front of you, which will surely entertain you and keep going.

The author’s research work and hard work towards the book are applaudable. The reader will learn a lot from the book, exploring different genres like romance, mystery, crime, science fiction, etc. Not to forget, the medical terms explained in the book will teach the reader about many things, even though they may not be from the medical background.

To sum up, the book is full of surprises, suspense, some dark secrets, romance, love, and most importantly courage and faith. Read the book to go to a whole different world and live the story.

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