Author Dwijisha Katkar Talks about her book “Butterflies and Peppermint”

I am a 26 years old doctor, born and brought up in Mumbai. My parents Dr Kiran and Dr Nivedita Katkar are both extremely supportive and have helped me pursue my other aspirations. I love writing, and prefer music over everything else. Open minded and always wanting to know more about various subjects and things that interest me. This is my third book of poems and I definitely can’t choose a favourite between them (pssst it’s this one). Currently I am writing songs, original lyrics and books, waiting for my admission into post graduation for medical. During covid I gravitated towards making culminations of art and poetry and my books are a way of doing the same. I love a lot of bands and series and takes inspiration from them paying an ode to them in this as well. I sincerely hope, this book feels like what I intended it to ‘leisurely walk through an art gallery’.

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