Do not hate Rain because Rain is entirely innocent as it only knows to fall downwards.

Do not hate Rain because Rain is entirely innocent as it only knows to fall downwards.

The peculiar magic of Rain is utterly unique in its manner. Yes, some are haters, too, as their plans get ruined, and they curse the Rain. But, you can love Rain or hate, but you cannot ignore it. Nothing beats kissing the romantic ambience in the air with all your sexiest senses.

It freshens the environment and dispels our anxieties and fears. Rain gives us the power to overcome all manner of obstacles and mentally prepare ourselves for different things.

Water is life. The Rain provides water to show us the continuity of life. It renews our hopes for ongoing growth. The mighty noise of storms tells us that you, as human beings, cannot control everything. Certain things in life should be left untouched and stress-free. There are specific ways to live a life without stress. The strength of the sound of Rain is so immense that you can focus on your work on a rainy day more than any other day.

As love and lust, Rain possesses within us a mighty romantic power. As we look at the showers and hear the droplets, we become nostalgic. The Rain always takes us back to the memories where we had danced in the Rain joyfully, opened our mouths to taste the drops of Rain, jumped in the puddles, played with the paper boats and our first kiss in the Rain.

Rain always demands attention from us. It wants us to stop our lives for a moment and go back to our memories. The view of wet streets, the colourful umbrellas are moving, the lusty green shinning plants, the fragrances of damp mud, the pearl droplets flowing on the windowpane, silver shinning grey clouds refreshes your mind and soul. So many thoughts enter your mind, and you yearn for that person by your side. Is it reminding you of something?

I am only craving two things right now by looking outside the window is hot cardamom tea and onion pakoras (Fritter).

What’s better if you’re on a long road with your sweetheart with the beautiful romantic song in your hearts for each other? Under the romantic Rain, your kiss will be memorable for a lifetime. The rainy season is the best season to propose since the natural atmosphere adds all the elements for your love and gives birth to your real feelings.

If you’re single, you got something better to do. Guess what??

Grab a hot coffee, choose a pretty book and enjoy reading. If you haven’t tried, you should do it. You have no idea what a magical experience this is. And you can thank me for it later on!

The last thing during the rainy season is that you would like to end your days with the calming sound of Rain. To me, Rain’s music has always been monotonous. The intensity of the rain sound always plays in different tunes, sometimes high or low. However, the calmness of the Rain gives you good sleep in your warm, cosy blanket, which takes away all your fears and passes on a relaxing respite for you – as an indication many good things are on the way.

‘Listen to the sound of raindrops on your roof.

Somewhere old memories of us are still waterproof.

Ah, what a though years must have passed

Anytime the Rain comes, it tears us apart.’

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