Electric Vehicles (EV) – A Path-Breaking Step To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Electric Vehicles (EV) – A Path-Breaking Step To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprints that we are continuously leaving upon our planet, at every single moment with our existence? Certain things, which plays a vital role in making the human life comfortable, are now considered as the essential parts of our modern lifestyle. Well in this modern capitalistic era of growth & progress, we need certain things in our lives now in order to lead a comfortable life; can you guess a few of them? Of course, we need air conditioners, power backup generators, electricity to run the household appliances and several more devices, which directly or indirectly are posing a continuous threat to our environment.

One such thing of necessity is ‘Vehicle’ and that is not just the requirement of the modern lifestyle but also for any lifestyle in this world of ours. Now, can you imagine how much pollution the vehicles are causing every day? Well, the carbon emissions from our vehicles are highly deadly for our planet earth. Moreover, it is high time for us to address this issue and come with an environment-friendly solution for reducing the carbon emissions from our vehicles!

To say that we should stop the use to vehicles is not the solution; rather it is like running away from the issue. It is a well-known fact that we cannot stop the use of vehicles & their necessity cannot be questioned too! Therefore, we need a smart solution that will take care of the environmental needs as well; we need to come up with alternative sources of power to run our vehicles. Thankfully, the research & development team of the various automobile companies around the world had come up with a great solution for this issue. In the current world, not just a global level automobile giant like TESLA is rolling out the ‘Electric Vehicles’ but also other responsible player like TATA, which is considered to manufacture vehicles that common mass can afford is out with Electric Vehicles (EVs).

With an affordable SUV like TATA Nexon EV making its mark on the Indian Roads, we are finally moving closer towards the fulfilment of the long awaited desire of running eco-friendly vehicles on the roads. In days to come by, not just TATA but several other automobile manufacturers will also come up with many more EV Models, which the common people will adopt. Therefore, the vehicles running on fuel would be completely replaced in a decade or so and the issue of carbon emissions would ultimately be tackled down!

Well, the current time is the early stage for the EVs so we may not see many of them running on our streets however, in the coming days we are bound to see the changes. The major problem why EVs have not yet became the first choice for the people is its costing. Let us take the case of a globally reputed company like Tesla, who is known for its EV & Hybrid Models. Now, if you know the pricing of the Tesla models then you can imagine that why EVs are not common among the common people. I mean, how many of us can afford those vehicles from Tesla in India?

Thankfully, TATA Motors understands the importance of EVs more than Tesla in India, so at least they have cared for the pockets of the common people. Their EV model of Nexon is not just affordable for the general population but has also been acknowledged as the ‘Safest Car’ in India. Well, in the 4 Wheeler Segment we will have to agree that apart from Tata Nexon, there are not any affordable & considerable option in the EVs and that is the reason why people have not yet adopted the EVs. Whereas, the scene is quite different, when we look over the 2 Wheeler Segment, fortunately the common people have started to purchase EVs. The growth of 2 Wheeler EVs are definitely more than the growth of 4 Wheeler EVs however, it is good to see that the number of EVs running on the Indian Roads are rising every day.

Much of the credit for this revolutionary step, which indeed is helping in reducing the carbon emissions goes to none other than the  Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji. He is a man of good intentions and a very broad vision as he has taken several steps to come up with the corrective measures in order to reduce the degradation of the ecosystem. Honourable Minister, Nitin Ji has also implemented many impactful laws in order to promote eco-friendly means of transportation in the country. With his vision, India is changing and changing for good; the automobile companies are welcoming his inputs and are making tedious efforts to fulfill the vision of Nitin Gadkari Ji. If things continues to go, the same way then that day will come very soon when India would have tackled the issue of carbon emissions!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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