Empathy Highest Form of Intelligence.

Empathy Highest Form of Intelligence.

Empathy is the highest form of intelligence. People who practice empathy are better at handling life situations and relations in various aspects of life whether personal, emotional, family, social as it forms the strength behind emotional intelligence that is vital in leading a peaceful and successful life. Empathy is to be able to see and feel what others are experiencing or feeling by being in their position, understanding their situation and challenges and to respond in a correct manner to help them feel better by sharing their feelings. There are various ways in which empathy builds a better social living but also a necessity for self as it makes one emotionally intelligent and knowledgeable in various situations in life.

Empathy helps to resolve conflicts. Empathy helps us to get our point across because it helps you to understand the listener better and the way in which it would connect from their point of view or thought process. It is in the ability to see for others, their perspective or situations that influences their decisions and choices. It helps to increase our emotional intelligence that helps us to have better control over response, handling emotions and challenges in life and relations. This helps us to come up with solutions that caters to all. It helps in better collaboration by including others based on their abilities to perform their part in the entire process, thus adding their effort to achieve the common goal.

It is a major factor in controlling negative emotions like anger, which helps us to understand from a broader perspective of another person and the situation. Rather than make decisions or come to impulsive conclusions based on limited facts or current situations. To see beyond factors and conditions that determine our thought or actions. Empathy allows one to work out ways than be stern to one’s own ways to get to the problem.

Inclusion needs empathy. To be able to see from another’s point of view helps to help them better. It is a major factor to be able to see in their specific needs, difference in their ways of connecting, their unique strengths and abilities. Accordingly form solutions or information that includes them to be part of the process and make their part.

Following empathy is beneficial in widening our thoughts and knowledge. Keeps check on one’s ego to be open to learning and knowing more facets of life than we have known. This is of great importance in decision making and critical thinking that involves seeing beyond our limitations of knowledge and experience. Yes, but empathy needs to practice with boundaries and should be aware. So that one is not taken advantage of or is not focused on the lesser part of the bigger picture without the details involved. It should be aware when making a wise distinction when there is need for rational decision not influenced by emotions. Empathy is the highest form of intelligence and practiced by highly emotionally intelligent people who are very successful in various areas of life maintaining the right balance and healthy relations.

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