Featuring author  Paulomi Babre author of the book “The Village of Manapparai”

Featuring author Paulomi Babre author of the book “The Village of Manapparai”

The Literature Times: Welcome to The Literature Times, author. Congratulations on the release of your book. What responses are you getting from your readers? Please share your experience with this book.

Author: I had started writing the book since February and then decided to call publishers. I had called various publications but I didn’t find any of them perfect. But when I called Evincepub, I knew that it was perfect! Then I gave them the documents and Voila! The book is here.

The Literature Times: What encourages you to become an Author?

Author: I had started reading at the age of four, as i became older, I started writing essays and short stories. After reading books written by other authors, I decided to write this book on my own.

The Literature Times: What are your favorite topics of writing? Please tell us something about your areas of interest in literature.

Author: My favorite topics in writing are mysteries, adventures, descriptive writing, stories on villages and blogging. I also love to write poems and jot down encouraging quotes.

The Literature Times: We were hoping you could tell us about some of those writers who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Author: Some authors I follow are Enid Blyton, Katie Bagli, Shabnam Minwalla, J.K. Rowling, David Walliams, Ruskin Bond and so many more.

The Literature Times: The titles seem different and catchy; how did you decide? Please let us know the story behind it.

Author: The book’s name is the Village of Manapparai. I chose Manapparai as my mom, grandma and great grandmother hail from there and I have grown up hearing about it.

The Literature Times: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Author: So far I have attended and won many reading challenges and also participated in numerous competitions and also was nominated twice as Author of the Month and once Author of the week in Story Mirror competition.

The Literature Times: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Author: My current goal is to write many more books and for all the readers to enjoy reading them. I also plan to become a Bestselling author in the future.

The Literature Times: Are there any other books being worked on by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Author: I have yet not started working on another book, but I am planning to write a book on the Life of LBTG people as my mama is a Gay and also about modern life of children as I have written about a village now.

The Literature Times: How do you see Indian writing in the 21st century? What changes do you see in the modern way of writing? Do you feel it has changed by the time?

Author: In the olden times, stories, poems and short quotes but nowadays everyone is into blogging and vlogging. Also first they used to take efforts and pen everything on paper but now everyone just types. Yes, I feel it has changed a lot.

The Literature Times: How easy/ difficult it was for you to publish your book? What message would you like to give to budding authors?

Author:  It was quite easy for me to publish the book as Evincepub was very co-operative. I would like to tell the young budding authors that keep reading and writing and if it is your passion then do follow it.

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