“Evolving Self” By Moheni Govinda Nehette- Book Review

“Evolving Self” By Moheni Govinda Nehette- Book Review

“At some or the other stage in our live, we all need some kind of counselling, motivation, encouragement or support in order to discover our undiscovered potentials. Thus it is through these life transformation guides that our lives becomes smooth and healthy!”

The remarkable book, “Evolving Self” by Author Moheni Govinda Nehette is written with the aim of changing the readers’ life and teaching all those manners to the readers, which can help them to grow, achieve success, attain inner peace & satisfaction in their lives. The book is directed to fulfil the readers’ goals and help them discovering their hidden potentials, learn the art of mastering the mind, learn the philosophy of self-love and make a successful transformation in their life in all their desired aspects. Well, in short this book can be described as – A Life Transformation Guide!

About the Author: The Author Moheni Govinda Nehette is a die-heart follower of the popular spiritual guru, Shri Shri Ravishankarji and very sincerely follows his teachings. Author Moheni has a total of ‘6 Books’ under her name as of now and we certainly can expect many more titles from her side, in the coming days. Most of her books are based upon spirituality and the art of living a healthy and positive life.

Author Moheni Govinda Nehette has a very huge and an active base of readers along with her presence on several social media channels. To find out more about the Author, her books and the other achievements made by her please visit her website: https://mohenigovindanehette.in/

About the Book: This book, Evolving Self is another ‘Self Help title’ by Author Moheni Govinda Nehette in which she has focused upon the importance of spirituality in life and has once again targeted to change the lives of the readersin a positive and remarkable manner!

The book throws light upon those set of tools, which can be indeed beneficial for the people seeking for personal success, life mastery, and an abundant as well as unbeatable mind-set. The aim is to make the readers understand about their personal success key by their own thought pattern, awareness, perception and the impact of all these aspects and values as a whole, when put together in the lives of the people. Through this book, Author Moheni has provided the readers with a simple and yet an impactful approach to solve the classic problems of human beings, which we encounter in our routine life.

In this book, the author has talked about vital subject matters like – Mastering the mind, Re-discovering oneself, Life goals, and Attaining a successful level of mental transformation. The book consists of several constructive & reading worthy chapters. Whereas, this book is written in such a marvellous manner that reading and understanding the Author’s Theories becomes easy for the Readers. Hence, the readers can find some very helpful and practical tips to follow and overcome their difficulties!

Book Title: Well, the Author has much appropriately justified the Book Title, as the book has very vividly talked about the DOs & DON’Ts of the life and along with that, the book has also highlighted the manners to direct one’s life in their desired way. It is expected to provide the readers with an improved daily life quality, abundance with their relationships, happiness, peace, success in carrier and a fulfilled life! It has been advised to unlock the powerful keysdescribed in this book to live an “Empowered & Prosperous Life!”

Readers’ Connect: The uniqueness of this book, Evolving Selfis that the Author has laid down some very practical guides for those readers, who are looking forward to fulfill their dreams and mark their presence in this world forever. Moreover, the book reveals what desire and cravings are all about. This book delves into topics such as one’s point of view on things, how one person differs from another while socialising and bonding with others, and how one’s personality becomes ideal and sets the bar for others!

Through this book, the Author encourages to fulfill the bridge between you and your desires. This book begins where many ends, since you will find the same theories and formulas elsewhere, while through this book, the Author is making an incredible attempt to bring the change in the readers’ lives. So that the ones, who are following the Author’s guides can reach out to something that has no limitations and boundations.

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like Evolving Self can be described as a “True Motivational Guide & a Saviour” for the people, who are looking out for the answers to the questions pertaining to the very existence of the human life! Through this book, you not only get the answers of your long unanswered questions, but you also achieve a mindset to create solutions for yourself, which makes this book a MUST READ one!

Moreover, the Author tends to answer the basic questions, which results in the progression of the human life, like the purpose of life, reasons for going behind our pursuits and the methods of facing the setbacks in the pursuits of our life, in his very own way. Therefore, Author Moheni Govinda Nehette must be given a chance by the readers for her honest work.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9354462901/

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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