Featuring Award Winning Author Sonal Singh.

Featuring Award Winning Author Sonal Singh.

Know Sonal In Brief

She is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. She is a person still trying to figure out her place in this ever-changing world. But, of one thing she sure – there is a niche out there with her name on it. Her life is a journey of constant discovery to try and reach that niche. She doesn’t believe in competition but believes in milestones instead, and she set some very unrealistic ones for herself. That is what drives her. She is the founder/director of a recruitment firm called Rian Placements (15 years and still running). That is her vocation and profession. But, her passion is her personal space – on Sonal’s table where her creative expression finds release. She loves to cook, travel, read and write. She takes life in Her stride because she believes that it is an opportunity that knocks only once.

She is a multiple award-winning blogger and writer and has won national accolades in poetry and prose writing. She also hosts a chat show on my Facebook page – On Sonals Table. Her first solo book titled – Islands in the stream – was released on May 21. It is a volume of poetry.  She is also a published author on artoonsinn.com, penmancy.com, momspresso.com and womensweb.in

Know More About Sonal: About Sonal’s Awards and Achievements

  1. Recipient of the Lal Bahadur Shastri award for corporate excellence for her venture – www.rianplacements.com
  • Recipient of Asian Literary Society’s Gitesh Biva memorial award for 2019 for short fiction. Story title – Ask Melanie
  • Recipient of Prasanna Jena memorial award for 2019 for short fiction. Story Title – 1996, New Delhi Girls hostel.
  • Recipient of the Orange flower award (winner) by women’s web for 2020 for Parent blogging.
  • Recipient of the Orange Flower award (runner’s up) for 2021 for 2 categories – a) writing on wellness/fitness, and b)- writing on LGBTQ+ issues
  • Conferred the 6th rank globally for the Bharat award for my work in literature in 2021.
  • Recipient of the best blogger award by Asian Literary Society in 2021
  • Recipient of the ‘Indian woman achiever award’ by Asian Literary Society for literature in 2021.
  • Achieved 6th position in the Bharat award for literature (international) in 2021.
  • Recently awarded the India top 100 prime authors award for her book – Islands in the stream (released in May 21)


  • Recipient of the certificate of excellence for Asian Literary Society’s Wordsmith award in 2020 for the story – bad mother
  • Recipient of the certificate of excellence by Asian Literary Society for featuring in the Long list for the Women Achievers Awards 2020
  • Recipient of the ‘Top Blogger’ certification from Momspresso – November 19, December 19, May 20 and July 20.
  • A finalist at the Orange flower awards (by women’s web) in 2019 in 3 categories – English poetry, ‘travel writing’ and ‘writing on work’.
  • A finalist at the Orange flower awards (by women’s web) in 2018 in the category –  writing on work.
  • A finalist at the Orange flower awards (by women’s web) in 2020 for the category –  writing on LGBTQ+ issues.
  • A finalist at the Orange flower awards (by women’s web) in 2021 for the categories – writing short fiction, writing on parenting, writing on humor.

HER LITERARY PUBLICATIONS (anthology contributions)

She has contributed to the following literary publications (anthologies).

  1. ‘Bowl of Peace’ by Poetry Planet, 2019
  2. ‘Out of the woods’ by Literatures Light, 2019
  3. ‘Quilled by Patriotism’ by Evince club publishing, 2019
  4. ‘Voice of Hearts’ by Inkquills publishing, 2019
  5. ‘Love of the times’ by Infiniti writers, 2019
  6. ‘Poison Ivy’ by 2019
  7. ‘Quills in a brighter horizon’ by Poetry Planet, 2019
  8. ‘legacy’ by Poetry Planet 2019
  9. ‘30 best poets’ by Literatures Light, 2019
  10. ‘Gubbare’ by Kalamanthan, 2019,
  11. Indian summer in verses by Plethora Blog zine, 2019
  12. Hawk’s Flight by Room9 publications, 2020
  13. Rewind by Room9 publications, 2020
  14. Shattered by Pen Mancy Writers, 2020
  15. 21 stories for ’21 by Book Buzz, 2020
  16. Arising from the Dust by let’s make story dinos, 2020

She can be reached at her official websites:  www.rianplacements.com  and www.ononalstable.com

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