How to Cultivate Goodwill.

How to Cultivate Goodwill.

With so much of negativity around, opposing thoughts from different ends ever changing opinions and influences of circle or quick conclusions without a second thought of trying to know the whole story.  How do we maintain the goodwill? so that it does not lead to escalation. It is necessary to maintain goodwill we practice empathy, kindness, compassion but at the same time to tackle opposing forces with a clear and peaceful mind. Instead of reacting in anger but using a clear mind to respond helps one to solve or tackle the situation without carrying the negativity that can affect ones own peace of mind.

Never take another’s opinions personally, acknowledging their knowledge and experience about  a particular situation is very limited, their inability to see from another s perspective or their weakness to not accept anything against their point of view. Don’t react in anger for statements that doubt or question your journey, actions or intentions instead to know how they have  very little knowledge about your journey and struggles, how their perspective is a limited view of their own thought process unable to see beyond what they strongly believe or have seen. Its due to lack of empathy or strong belief in negative experiences that people are very quick at coming to conclusions about another .

Make your perspective clear but don’t make extra effort to change their opinions . When explanations don’t work set clear boundaries making your stand clear for having chosen and made decision for oneself based on your requirements. Never get into arguments that can only complicate the issue. Take an exit either letting go and accepting they are correct on their part or make your stance clear and put an end to it. Instead of trying to prove the other wrong bring in more angles or perspectives to what one wants to say rather waste ones time and energies just to fight the others mindset. With time most of things heal or get forgotten in time , this needs one to make space for good will and reduce any ill will that will just carry forward to keep recurring .

Don’t let another’s treatment towards you bring out the same reaction instead face it with grace , empathy and kindness in turn making them too change their attitude towards you . But times that need you to stop others from going further with their negativity tackle with a clear mindset and intentions of stopping their ill will with bringing forward perspectives with your truth and clear communication with reason  why you don’t agree to their conclusions. An attitude of bringing to light the situation and finding a solution rather than just blame game always helps to develop good will .Never have expectations or be hurt by another’s  judgment instead it helps you know how their  thoughts about life is from a very narrow vision and their inability to see from beyond what they strongly believe in.

It is necessary to cultivate good will to not let another s attitude or behavior make ill will develop inside you that actually can  harm your own peace.

Article by-Gayatri Bagayatkar

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