Success is A Journey….

Success is A Journey….

We have always wanted to know How to be successful ?, How to achieve success?  . But very little is known what do we do if we make it to the point of success, How success is a different journey altogether from where we started ? To sustain the success , to keep going at a point where one is successful requires one to be ready to embrace a new self for a new journey one is going to start again   .

This success could mean different for  all , for some it may be a milestone ,  to pursue their passion , a point after many trials , a result of ones hard work and dedication or goals held   . Once success is achieved there is a ripple action that comes with change in  relations and equations , life and priorities , responsibilities and expectations . This new journey requires one to prepare and equip oneself with a new version of self. This requires careful tuning , re programming of thoughts , upgradation , re prioritizing your life , relations or goal that fulfills purpose at the same time  to keep the achievement going.

Not letting the success become ones ego which leads to hurdles in growth , relations and dedication that was the back bone to achieve this success. Success shouldn’t be a stagnant point because here the expectations double which requires one to constantly improve , change or adapt to new learning’s. Success needs you to re evaluate your priorities and make sure to have the balance in personal , professional and relations because without the balance the success achieved makes no sense  . Success needs one to have exceptional organizational , time management and relation handling abilities . Above all success should practise empathy , mutual respect and innovation to keep evolving to reach a better version of oneself.

Success becomes more of a responsibility as you know the path and are looked upon by many who want to achieve that point , what your mindset about success is, reflects in many who want to achieve the same . Success opens up a whole new world of opportunities and connections , which needs you to make and choices and decisions that don’t deviate you away from your path and goals . One needs to be very clear of their expectations from success this defines the point at which they would stop or keep continuing.This success should also not add to the stress or stretch beyond ones capabilities to handle so its necessary  one should  take their  own time, ways  and pace to bring in the change .

This is the reason why shortcut to success doesn’t give a long lasting success because the path to reach there that trains you for endurance , resilience , learning   all that’s going to be with you in this new journey that begins again once you achieve success . These are not defined rules  to follow and achieve , actually this is a personal journey unique to you where in the process you become more self aware , confident and resilient .

But what this success is linked to finally keeps the success going , if ones goals are tied to material achievement alone after a point it looses its value and brings no contentment . With all those success there is still a feeling of emptiness .To let your success be part of the community to be able to make an impact , to serve purpose for large , giving back to ecology gives this success a greater reason to achieve.

Success is actually a mindset that needs you to be continuously  tuned with your progress ahead. So till you were chasing success you are following everything from your passion , skills , goals and dreams . But when you find a place in that platform it requires you to go through certain changes , in response to all  that come with success . Success is a journey that you move ahead every time you reach a point and strive for another point embracing changes that come in the way.

Article by-Gayatri Bagayatkar

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