Gham Mein Hai Sargam – Blog Post by Neha Sharma

Gham Mein Hai Sargam – Blog Post by Neha Sharma

Recently, I posted a blog about one of my best friends who had lost her husband to the pandemic. Let me call her ‘Aparajita’ here afterwards.

Aparajita was touched by the way I had expressed her feelings through my words. So she considered having another blog written by me with herself at the centre.

This time it’s a little note of gratitude from Aparajita to her brother for always being there. It becomes all the more special as it was written around Rakshabandhan. So, here it goes-

Dearest Bhai,

It has always been a blessing to have you as my brother. So much so that I will always want you to be my brother whenever I come into this world. I can always feel the reflection of our late father in you. You are the fatherly figure for my sons as well (double mother as you also say MA.. MA).

Although their father’s absence will always have a space in our hearts and he is missed every moment, I have a bit of satisfaction that at least they wait for a male figure to come back in the evening. They both hug you as soon as you return from the office. I love it whenever the older one speaks his heart-out to you. I love it whenever the younger one quickly runs towards the door on the doorbell being rung by you. On weekends, when we all watch television together, they prefer to sit on your lap instead of mine.

During my husband’s last month with all of us, you made all the possible efforts to save him. I remember how you had arranged the injections, which were very short in those days. I can not forget how you entered the COVID ward where my husband was admitted, only because he was feeling lonely and low there. Moreover, you were the one to be around him when he breathed his last. He had even said to you, “Please save me. My kids are so young. ” You had done your level best to save him, but God had some other plans.

When COVID was at its peak, people avoided even passing by that hospital. But you and our Jijaji used to visit that hospital regularly to provide all the things required there.

As for me, when people treated me as a burden after hubby’s demise, i. e., my in-laws threw me out of the house within 4 months of the mishap, you were there for me and the kids. It was on September 10th, 2021 (completing 4 months after his death) to be precise. I was completely shattered as I had lost my house, where me and him, along with the kids, had spent wonderful years together. All our memories were snatched. But at that time, you and Mommy stood like strong pillars.

You never ever treated me as a burden. Instead, you have always made me realise that I am a supporting hand for you.

Keep supporting me and keep loving the kids. Of course, the feeling is mutual for all of us.

If hubby had seen you taking care of us this way, he would have showered his blessings on you. But I know that he is watching and blessing all of us from heaven itself.

Thank you for understanding me and standing by always, because sometimes we humans need to fight against evil for our self-respect, for the future of our kids, and to get back something we have created memories with. I know God is with all of us in the family, covering us with His Affection in ways known to the rare.

Please always stay the way you are.

Loads of love and affection,


Dear friends,

All that I would like to add here is that a simple supporting response from you could mean a lot to Aparajita, her brother as well as me. I don’t know what else to say..

Until next time,

With love,



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