Gunardhav brings the unheard in “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata”

Gunardhav brings the unheard in “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata”

Introducing Gunardhav’s “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata”

The epic of Mahabharata has a plethora of characters, truths of life, lessons to learn, and stories from various perspectives. Due to the diversity of characters, the probability of exploring different plotlines through the eyes of different characters. Gunardhav, in his book “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata,” brings the story of the character of Karna in front of the readers. In addition to reading about his life, the readers also get to see the landscape of Mahabharata through his eyes. This gives them a bird’s eye view through the character, who was only visible through Ved Vyasa’s pen. Gunardhav gives him life and blood of his own in “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata.” He brings the unheard in the book.

About “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata”

In his short book, Gunardhav takes the readers on a spin in the world of Karna. He highlights how tragedy struck the innocent son of the Sun right from his birth. This also highlights the different events that have shaped his personality and explain his loyalty to Duryodhana. This life and blood defines his identity in terms of integrity, strength, loyalty, determination, and hope. The author does justice in portraying the side characters but makes sure that Karna does not lose his identity or grip on the text throughout its development. Through Karna, the readers see the human characteristics and desires which have been and will always be universal and relevant to all generations despite the changes of time. The readers get to hear the life of Karna and the various moments he had before the great battle. These highlight his might, power, kindness, and goodness in him.

Gunardhav as the author

In his debut work, Gunardhav makes his mark as a storyteller who can compress and weave a narrative that was otherwise spun in hundreds of pages. It is this beauty that draws the readers to the book in no time. They may even end up finishing the book in one go. In addition, Karna also emerges as a person of integrity who would go to any extent to fulfill his promises, fight with the right spirit, guard his friendship with his life and never give up on himself. This redefines the strength of character in the eyes of the readers. It also builds new respect for the central character in their eyes. An interesting thing to note is that the readers may also find details that may be unknown to them. They would even have an enriching experience them through the well-researched knowledge reflected in the text.

Who would like “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata”?

“Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata” may be an instant favorite of many readers not just because of its strong content. It would also be because of the book size that author Gunardhav has kept of the book. Gunardhav gives Karna life and blood of his own in “Karna: The Tragic Hero of Mahabharata.” It is short, focused, free of diversions, and a plot that depicts almost every single moment in the life of Karna. The book would also educate the readers about Indian mythology and the characters, which could not gain prominence due to the plethora of characters present. In that way, the book would be ideal for adults, adolescents, and children. Everyone has knowledge of Mahabharata here and there and Gunardhav’s “Karna” would only be an add on.

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