Sponsored Ads: A DIY Marketing Idea

Sponsored Ads: A DIY Marketing Idea

When it comes to book sales and marketing, there are a bunch of suggestions that authors would be bombarded with. Promotion through Sponsored Ads would be one of them. Sponsored Ads as a DIY (Do it yourself) Marketing Idea come as a package deal with a bunch of benefits to the book and the author together. Many may have heard Sponsored Content and Pay Per Click Ads. They are the same as Sponsored Ads. They have revolutionized the channel of bookselling while using social media for the one and only purpose, Sales. This article unveils all details that many may not know about the world of Sponsored Ads and how Sponsored Ads are a successful DIY Marketing Idea.

Sponsored Ads: About

Sponsored Ads appear on social media platforms and flash before the readers’ eyes. Therefore, interested people go on to buy the book. They are an innovative way to reach your readers without physically going out and promoting the book. While we live in a time when the online form promotion has an equal potential as the traditional offline mode. Therefore, sponsored Ads become all the more useful when it comes to promotion. Since social media is not going to be out of the picture even in the future, using Sponsored Ads as a promotion tool is likely to boom later. Hence, Sponsored Ads as a DIY idea is the need of the hour!

Sponsored Ads: How do they appear?

While scrolling through your social media feed, you must have noticed the following words on display:


“Suggested post.”

“You might also like.”

“Recommended for you.”

“Because you like.”

Followed by a similar post to the posts you have been checking or watching.

These are an example of how Sponsored Ads appear.

Another manner in which a Sponsored Ad appears includes this:

“(Your Friend 1), (Your Friend 2), and (Your Friend 3)” like Page ABC.”

For all regular users of social media, this would appear familiar.

Sponsored Ads: Where do they appear:

Broadly said, social media features Sponsored Ads. But on a closer examination, you will understand that even one social media platform offers multiple ways to feature your content. These ways would be through Stories Ads, Posts Ads, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Messenger Ads, Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Collection Ads, Payable Ads, IGTV Ads, Twitter Ads, and many many others.

Sponsored Ads: Why

Overview of the ad

Before everything else, you, the ad runner, get an option to see what the ad looks like. You can check whether the image appears to find whether the content is placed correctly or not, and make changes as per requirement before finally running it for promotion. There is no time limit to this. You can do as many checks after improvising and go with your version of perfection.

Sponsored Ads Creating Brand Awareness

The name of your book would resonate all over social media, which would create awareness of the new publication and would help to spread the message to more and more readers. This awareness would also be helpful in your future campaigns and wherever your book would be featured using other promotional methods. It would also be useful for your future publications as your name would be built by your earlier investment.

Reach Targeted Audience

Social Media promotion offers the option of targeting your audience. Whether it is in terms of their age or city, or even gender, you can specifically choose and customize your ad to the best to reach maximum potential readers. This would help you regulate the people who your book reaches and ensure that it reaches the right people who are your potential buyers. In that sense, your investment is likely to bear better results in all situations.

Quality Traffic

Since the audience would be targeted, the quality of people visiting your book page or amazon profile is likely to be selected and filtered. Thus, quality traffic can guarantee quality sales and a quality promotion altogether. Such quality would assure quantity, giving you the best worth of your investment. Interestingly, other product companies have already been using this method to boost their growth also.

Impact on offline sales

Once the name of the book flashes before the readers’ eyes, they will remember the name for sure. That’s how human mind works, doesn’t it? When they see the book in offline distribution mode, they are likely to pick it up and, on the bookseller’s recommendation, also buy it. So Sponsored Ads would help in making your investment in an offline mode more fruitful. Sounds like quite a DIY marketing idea.

In budget

In comparison to all other ideas of promotion, Sponsored Ads are the most pocket-friendly and affordable. Any author does not need an agent or professional for the work too. They can do it on their own since it is a DIY marketing idea after all! And hence, your pocket would be happy too. The spreading of the message is assured, and the duration would make sure that maximum readers see it.

Higher chances of conversion to sales

Since Sponsored Ads would make sure people retain the name of the book and author due to frequent display and their seeing the book in offline mode or even on Amazon, the chances of their buying the book are higher. They are likely to think, “Oh, this book is everywhere, it must be a great work of writing. Let’s give it a try!” The rest of the difference would be made by how you design the Ad and how attractive it is.

Regulate the duration and budget

The best part is that you can completely control and regulate your expenditure and the duration of running the Ad. You only have to pay for the number of days you choose and no other charges at all! There is no agency or mediator or professional handling it, and there is no additional service charge. More or less, the spend will only and only be for the ad. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

Sponsored Ads DIY

Promotes you as a brand

As an author, no one plans to restrict themselves to writing one book. But once you use this marketing tool, once the readers read your name, they will remember it. The human mind is such. In that way, it will help to create your name and credibility as an author and also the name of your books that would follow. It would help you increase social connections, your author profile and a familiar name always attracts more people.

Insights helping understand market mood

Even after publishing the book and promoting it, many authors are unable to understand what their readers want. The use of the tool called ‘Insights’ may be helpful for the authors to understand the mood of the market and how the readers are responding to their books. This would also become handy in their plans for their next book, where they can decide in a much better manner on what to write about.

More attractive due to filters and options in editing

While Ads are simple to design as the interface is user-friendly, they can be made more attractive and eye-catching by using filters and editing them in various manners. This would make the ad attract more readers, and if nothing else, they would take a few seconds and look at it for sure.

Sponsored Ads are a great way to promote your book. If done smartly and with the usage of all tools, it can bear a good effect on the book sales and boost Amazon Ranking. Ultimately, the target is sales and royalties. They would also be on the way for sure. And there can be nothing better than the DIY tool of Sponsored Ads.

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