How authors can bring change in the society?-Aditi Juyal

How authors can bring change in the society?-Aditi Juyal

How many of you have learned ethics from fables from your childhood? I guess Most of us have, and this is the power of words. Words should not be counted but weighted, deep down we all know how they can affect us.  Many people who were known to know this power, wrote phrases like “Words are the greatest weapons”.

This shows how an author or a writer has the power to change the world. You might be thinking how can a single sentence change the way of thinking of thousands of people but believe me it does, let’s take an example from what most of us have studied about, The British Era. We have read about how the freedom fighters helped us gain independence but what about the authors and the poets? They have also played an eminent role in bringing out more people on the battlefield against the mighty army of Britain.

One of the most adored poets of that time is Rabindranath Tagore. He planted the seeds of hope, courage, and wisdom in the hearts of the Indians, his words which were read by thousands made a change in their way of thinking. Have you ever wondered why people like Hitler or Napoleon always start their rule by abolishing printing media? It’s because they understand the impact that media and the press can have on shaping public opinion. By controlling the media and suppressing free speech, they can control the narrative and manipulate the public’s perception of reality.

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Edward Bulwer-Lytton has rightly said, “A pen is mightier than a sword”, this proverb might seem odd because in reality how can a pen be mightier than a sword? But if seen in a broader view, a small pen is valuable and has a deep significance. It gives much more power to the person holding it. We get the power to use our words to spread love, kindness, positivity and maybe even to soothe someone’s soul and give them comfort. Literature is one of the most diverse forms of art, liked by almost everyone. It can transport us to different times and places and expose us to different perspectives and ways of thinking. It brings out the best in other people, as they read, by resonating their lifestyles with the one told in the story. Books have the power to change the mindset of people, for sure. I have been one of those, from starting the day with the same boring routine, not wanting to do anything, and being lazy all day to being hopeful, energetic, and happy. Reading can provide a sense of comfort, support, and hope during difficult times, and help us feel less alone in our struggles. One of my favourite books, which has helped me while I was going through a rough patch, is “A Little Book Of Happiness” By Ruskin Bond. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” By George R.R. Martin, this is a quote that depicts the major part of a reader’s life. Living these thousand lives bestows you with knowledge, an experience like no other, and teaches you how to overcome your obstacles in life. A reader lives all these lives before he dies and he prepares himself for the real one.

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