Plus and Blush – An Article for Plus-sized Beauties – Shaheen Kazi

Plus and Blush – An Article for Plus-sized Beauties – Shaheen Kazi

“In the world of Barbie dolls, I am like a cute panda.”

You should feel confident wearing the dress you desire, regardless of size. Regarding fashion and style, remember that “Size Is Just A Number.” Unfortunately, some people associate plus size with being overweight, unattractive, or fat, but that is untrue. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and women are not born with naturally slim necks, thin faces, sharp jawlines, twinkling eyes, or flat stomachs. Do not let these incorrect beliefs mislead you. Every woman’s beauty is unique.

In Western countries, you have likely noticed a well-dressed, more prominent woman without anyone daring to make negative comments about her age or size. Sadly, in India, it is all too familiar for plus-sized women and girls to face harsh scrutiny from their families and society. At 16, the young girl frequently felt pressured to conform to societal beauty standards. With a constant barrage of messages telling her to shed weight, abstain from her favourite foods, exercise more rigorously, and forced to wear long dresses to conceal her curves, she felt utterly helpless in the face of these expectations. As soon as the teenage girl starts school, she faces challenges and is quickly labelled ‘fat’ before fully understanding her body.

I want to thank the fashion industry for their efforts in respectfully promoting women’s clothing. While they have labelled more prominent individuals as “plus size,” this term has been used non-offensively. Overall, the industry has made strides in showcasing women’s clothing in a positive and inclusive light. The fashion industry and media have promoted models with large, lean, long legs on TV and giant banners for years. This has influenced the mindset of many, leading to physiological effects on ordinary girls and women. 

It’s understandable to wonder if the images we see in the media affect how women view themselves. It’s concerning that many women of thirty plus, feel unattractive and that teenage girls often resort to strict diets. The consequences are significant and can contribute to higher rates of depression and sadness among women. Society needs to recognise the impact of these messages and work towards promoting positive body image and self-esteem for women of all ages. Slim, tall girls are the preferred choice of boys and men, but are you not destroying the innocence of women’s natural beauty? Do any books state that only skinny women can have all the privileges in everything, including personal and professional life? All plus-size women have the same right to receive all the happiness they deserve. A lady with a lovely pear- or apple-shaped body holds the position to work, as talent has no borderline.

If you are blessed with huge boobs, a big butt, and a super sexy, soft, jiggly belly, so what? These are your body parts; embrace them. Women with these characteristics are stunning because of their unique charm. Real men won’t mind dating you and can stop thinking about you because real men will always value and love you for who you are.

Here are some tips for plus-size beauties to blush:

Wear Simple Clothes: Keeping a simple wardrobe is not a crime. Simple clothes don’t mean they are boring. Maintain bold colours, modest shapes, and clean styles with clean cuts. Your body will always win with suitable collections and perfect fabrics.

Selecting the right fit: Dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Before purchasing clothes, it’s essential to try them on, inspect the fittings and decide whether to take them. A good fit makes you look confident and will complete your body’s form. Sometimes wearing loose clothing can send a message to others that you are hiding your curves. Make sure to constantly alter your fashion styles and focus on more than just the trends.

Wear bright colours: Colours are vital in fashion styles and play an excellent role in enhancing your mood. Be bold to wear bold attire. It converts your curves into sexier shapes. The use of bright colours can make you stand out and appear confident.

Avoid trendy clothing: Avoid excessive patterns like horizontal stripes and huge floral prints, as these patterns and designs make you appear bulkier. Wear a fine line. This will make you appear slimmer and give you good height. If you wear traditional apparel with line A cuts, it will highlight your personality. Wear a v-neck, which lifts your face and neck area. Make sure to wear long earrings instead of round ones.

Wear Sexy Shoes:

  • Dress in sexy shoes that match your skin tone and the outfits you plan on wearing.
  • Pick one accessory.
  • Whether it’s sunglasses, a long scarf, or a designer handbag, choose one that’s reasonable.

Know your fashion style: Understanding your style to create outfits that fit your body well is essential. Try your hand at discovering what you love. Continue experimenting with different clothing combinations until you find the perfect fit for yourself. Self-expression is best achieved through fashion. Let your personality shine through your clothes.

Change your hairstyle: A good hairstyle can transform Your chubby face into a cute feature. Hairstyles play an excellent role in your appearance, and if you get it right, you can feel numerous eyes on you (in a good way, I mean)

Grow Confidence: Develop confidence by loving yourself as much as possible and allowing your body to shine positively towards others. Maintain your enthusiasm and adopt a positive mindset. Healthy thoughts are necessary to look your best. People are most drawn to confident and optimistic thinkers. Construct your trust with the right attitude.

Confidence is the key, no matter what size or shape it is. Plus-size women in society are continuously subjected to body shaming in their families or workplaces. It is a known fact and reality that plus-size women are judged immediately by body shaming online or personally. The fashion industry and movies are the main culprits behind all this. As time changes rapidly, the mindset of society will also change. In the end, it’s what you see that matters. Your body is your temple, your home, and you have the right to decorate it in a manner that suits you.

Article By: Shaheen Kazi

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