“Improve My English: Easy And Clear” By Parmesh Nishad

“Improve My English: Easy And Clear” By Parmesh Nishad

“In this world where everything else changes with time there are only two things, which are known to maintain their existence even when other things fails to survive the beating of the time. Thinking and Language are those things, which never dies and sustains forever!”

Firstly, before starting the review of this title, ‘Improve My English: Easy And Clear’ by Author Parmesh Nishad it is obligatory to mention that the aim of this book is to help the readers in understanding the subject of ‘English Language’ in a better manner. The book is Academic in nature and is primary designed for the students of the subject, yet anyone who is interested to polish up their English Language can pick it up. Well, this an amazing book based upon the language section of English, focusing highly upon grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and so on!

About the Author: Author Parmesh Nishad, was born on 21st of September 1995. He is basically from Kanker, while currently he is staying in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. His book, ‘Improve My English: Easy And Clear’was published worldwide by Evincepub Publishing and was released on 11th of August 2022.

Author Parmesh is a businessperson and an inspirationalist. His strengths are that he is always self-motivated, believes in smart work and he stays as a disciplined person. He is a creative and a hard working person, he enjoys talking to people and he loves solving their problems. He tends to make things simple and better for everyone around him. He is someone who puts words into books and hopes to help the others in connecting with people and moments that matters.

Book’s Introduction: This book, ‘Improve My English: Easy And Clear’ by Author Parmesh Nishad is written to serve the interest of the students of English Language. The book is academic in nature and comes under the category of ‘Education & Writing Skills!’ The book is a Handbook for Students (of all ages) who wishes to improve their communication skills as well as their usage of literary expressions. This book has been written for all those people who believe that English is a difficult language. However, after reading this book the readers will find it is actually easy, as from the basic to the grammar; English is simple and clear with pronunciation!

The book believes that words are the essence of a language. In fact, people today demand an important and every day spoken vocabulary. Therefore, the book has tried to introduce the reader to the important words as much as possible. This book has given special attention to grammar. The grammar chapter has been discussed clearly with examples. Those are the words, which must be known. Since, words cannot be learned separately, the migration has been made to write them along with the chapter. Through the 19 Reading Worthy Chapters, the author has made sure that his readers gets to learn something worthy from his book.

Readers’ Connect: Well, the interesting thing about this title, ‘Improve My English: Easy And Clear’ is that it is a very simple and clear book. The book is much to the point and there will be no difficulty in reading and understanding this book. This book will take away the readers’ inner fear of English; and will fully support the readers in making them skilled and capable in English Language!

The book is written in a manner that it could help the readers in rooting out the obstacles coming in their ways. The book will help the readers in setting up their own English learning journey in simple and clear manner as this book is written in very simple words with pronunciation from the basic to the grammar.

Book’s Verdict: If we will study the complete subject matter presented by the author in this book, then we can easily conclude that of course, the Book Title is very apt and suitable. The author had very well justified the book title, as the subject matter present in this book truly gives a complete account upon the methods of learning the subject of English Language.

Moreover, a book like “Improve My English: Easy And Clear” deserves a chance by the academic as well as non-academic readers. Since as readers most of us needs to learn the very basics and the rules of the grammar, which makes the English language accurate. Today, even though many of us might be speaking and writing in English and yet we do not know every rules of the grammar and that makes our conversations and writing inaccurate many times!

Therefore, for the sake of knowledge and accuracy in our work, this book is a Must Pick one, and the author indeed deserves appreciation for presenting the subject matter in such a manner, which really translated to be useful for the students as well as the general readers.

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