Poetry by the Author Japleen Kaur Bindra- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4

Poetry by the Author Japleen Kaur Bindra- The Literature Times Vol.1 Issue 4

About the Author-

Japleen Kaur Bindra is a student, writer, and a poetess. She attended Guru Harkrishan Public School (India Gate) in South Delhi. She graduated with a Bachelors of Political Science (Honours) degree from the Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University and after her graduation, she completed her postgraduate studies in Political Science from Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University. She also holds a diploma course in travel and tourism course from Jamia Milia Islamia and a diploma course in computer application from F-tech. She is also inclined to write and update her blog in Spanish language in which she shares her personal views on current issues related to any topic.

She has worked as a content writer in two organizations in Noida and Kirti Nagar. Writing poetry and short stories is her field of interest. She did a creative writing course from British Council, New Delhi. She was so inspired by a book of Khushwant Singh that she wrote a book review of his book as one of the tasks during her course in the British Council. She never discontinued her passion to be a lifetime scholar of diverse subjects. During the pandemic, she utilized her time doing online courses on writing fiction and persuasive speech from Coursera and Harvard. She did a course on Persuasive writing from Harvard University in which she learned about different devices of rhetoric. The pandemic period turned to be a blessing in disguise which gave her an immense exposure to the vital readings of English literature and its complex themes broken in storytelling enduring all its rising and falling graph and then slowly never running out of time for denouement with its intensity of conflicts. It is one of the greatest places of one’s alien world where one learns about how to improvise on construction of sentences, develop their grammar skills and more to any overactive world. She got her inspiration to write poetry from some famous poets of English literature like Walt Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe. Her favorite Indian authors are Amitav Ghosh, Kavita Kane and Rabindranath Tagore including Khushwant Singh. This white Rose is a poem from my book, “The Dark Corners of my heart”.

Poem-“The White Rose

The White Rose

The white rose blooms in ze Olympics championships garden

Telling me that our impartially committed soul is still an alive flame tribute, in honor of unknown, participant eternal soldier guards, and the citizen’s powerhouse treasures,

And the unsaid words in dilemma petals of our pepper and salt hair struggles

Are an appeal, still waiting to become the middle band Ashoka Chakra Dharma spokes

Of many peaceful growth cheering gallantry awards hearts of the nation.

All the best within us wants that lamp to be lit,

The coming years of my flying Sikh like respected sprinter’s life,

A century to wave the fragrance target of a batsman’s excellence hit

And a golfer’s score to match a focused eyeball far off the pit

But former captains including me had a true spirit of duty

And even in the graceful epic swansong goodbyes

To their golden career of many ups and downs, of truthful ties,

They gave to the nation, their beginnings of the most precious gift,

To walk down the way of spiritual crowning moments of glory, and wholeheartedly serving for the cause, duly.

For this is a mass movement struggling with oneself

Including one’s body, heart and mental strength of a nervous mind,

And every struggle giving birth to a steel man and woman

In the hopeful rays of armed forces and Maharajas glorious,

Rural and hilly lands of helplines, laying foundations for the historical sunrise of a desperate, and competitive success roadways.

When some of us felt the pains and needs of slept dreams

Then a ‘we’ rhyme appeared identical to those visiting

Soldier elves of a fairy tale snow-white contribution scheme,

With a task force of other men in a team named ‘them’

To continue with their healthy gold plan particles of coaching, and minister administered, mentor steps of expectations meeting pledges and hopes,

To create and identify more and more

Students, sports and under soldier’s guidance polished diamonds force and,

To let them shine as the flag bearers in the march for the nation’s glory

A painful and pathbreaking efforts journey with many finger pricks and their doubtful reactions pointed

Without acknowledgment of the hard labor, ignored sacrifice valuable and overcome injuries of practice sessions

But now all, are looking up to the majestic Everest climbing expeditions, non-bargaining hopeful sons and daughter’s global challenges winner’s podium

Where the flag of promise keeps unfurled, saluting like the most passionate mountaineers on the world’s highest process-driven benchmark chosen.

When the encounter with the young westerly winds is as inspirational as the generations old,

Not only able to portend storms, but cause an additional oxygen cylinder reaction, strongest and long-lasting

To the series of richest hunger tally of climber patriotic sports voice medals,

Dominating in their eagerness gold, silver and bronze, to join the Olympics proud moment height club.

Why the goosebumps unsung national anthem etched in border fighting listener’s minds of so many heroic gems, including those of tiger hills capture lion battalion, not an issue of the laurels to be got as the unity in diversity, happiness symbolizing a nation’s togetherness celebration?

Why are a majority of people not fit in their day-to-day targeting board performance of symbolic rings of the five continents and their fair sportsmanship courageous life theme?

And I hope you all will let the smiling faces of an aspiring youth and the fearlessly nurtured generation of teens’ growth

Neither wilt in the heat of the growing competition pressures and sporting nation challenges ahead to be dealt with in the bleeding heartbeat of the nation

Nor left like poverty engraved stamps of discriminatory opportunities history in elite compartmentalized or self-categorized favoritisms heaps.

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