Inquiry Based Method

Inquiry Based Method

Inquiry based method involves creating questions and curiosity about what one is going to learn. That focuses on why they are learning that is being taught, how could it be implemented or connects to them. This method of learning that involves participation of the learner wanting to know more about what they are going to learn – using their background knowledge, real life implementation or examples to connect to that’s being taught. This helps to build interest by asking open ended questions that require inquiry into various topics that forms the base or is a part of the entire process. Sometimes story building by inquiring into various aspects or elements of the story to build the connections before beginning with the story. Thus leading the learner to the topic by creating a link and interest to know more and make connections to implementation than just theoretical learning.

As an educator or tutor help them to develop this method by introducing them to topics by allowing them to explore through various questions, help them form connections from various subjects or domains, guide them through hands on experience using an activity, showing real life examples, enacting, prototyping. Rather than getting straight to the topic and following a linear flow of explanation, inquiry based method helps to create a need to explore. Guiding them to inquire why does this happen, how could it be approached, various angles or solutions, evaluation of solutions which fits the problem and which does not. In this method it does not focus on one particular subject instead bringing together knowledge from various fields like using STEAM to focus on real world problem solving.

Inquiry based method can use Indirect questions in lessons to check concepts being taught like instead of directly asking what is the definition, asking through choices or framing using similar words and let them come with their description close to what connects to the right answer. It can be used to develop a thought process in story solving, to understand the various stages to approach a problem and find the right operations to reach the result. It can be used in reading to make inferences about various elements or situations in the story. It is a good way to ask questions that requires emotional intelligence in different scenarios giving their inputs or responses from their perspective. Inquiry based method strengthens other areas and skills like cooperative learning that brings in ideas and inputs from various sources and minds together. It develops language skills, problem solving and cognitive skills that needs to implemented as one tries to develop connections, make links based on experience or knowledge, explain ideas or thoughts with clarity. Inquiry based method is used to make learning interesting with focus on real world implementation

Article by Gayatri Bagayatkar

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