Israel’s New Prime Minister

Israel’s New Prime Minister

In a seismic shift in the country’s tumultuous politics, a loose coalition of Israeli parties dismissed Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s longest-serving prime minister, and created a new government on Sunday. Naftali Bennett, a right-wing Jewish nationalist and former tech millionaire, was set to lead the eight-party coalition, which was united only by their dislike for Bibi, the hardline right-wing leader.

Following weeks of high political drama, a vote in the Knesset legislature on Sunday ended his government with a razor-thin majority of 60 to 59 in the 120-seat body. Netanyahu’s opponents erupted in cheers and started into an evening of happy festivities in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, having mobilised in recent days with “Bye bye Bibi” posters.

Tal Surkis, 19, one of the marchers, admitted to having “mixed feelings” about the approaching reform alliance, but added that “it’s something Israel needs.” Bennett, 49, vowed the new government, a coalition of ideologically diverse parties, would “represent all of Israelis” in a Knesset speech before the vote.

Netanyahu, who is facing corruption accusations in what he calls a “conspiracy” trial, has been the most powerful Israeli politician of his generation, having previously spent a three-year term in the 1990s. His admirers applaud him as a staunch backer of Israel who has been tough on Iran while also striking a series of historic normalisation agreements with many Arab countries last year.

Netanyahu’s legal difficulties will be exacerbated if he is removed from the prime ministership, as he will lose the ability to push through amendments to basic laws in parliament that might provide him with immunity. Netanyahu, who has long been known as Israel’s ultimate political survivor, tried unsuccessfully in his final days in power to entice defectors away from the emerging coalition, aiming to strip it of its razor-thin legislative majority.

Bennett was accused of “fraud” for siding with opponents, and heated rallies by supporters of the premier’s Likud party resulted in increased security for some lawmakers. Netanyahu’s critics accused him and his backers of waging a “scorched-earth” campaign to inflame tensions.
Apart from that Prime Minister of India has congratulated to the Naftali Bennet and assured strong relation between India and Israel.

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