It’s Trending! – An Article by Shreya Talwar

It’s Trending! – An Article by Shreya Talwar

All of us must have heard of the popular phrase ‘old is gold’ and indeed it is, as the same is prevalent amongst all the diverse realms surrounding us. To emphasize on the relevance of the same, one can’t think of a better way to communicate about it in today’s times, than saying that the idea of reviving the sought after, good for everyone former practices is ‘trending now-a-days.’

Whether its bringing back the age old rooted culinary practices or cuisines, garnished with a tinge of the modern finesse or whether it’s adopting the good old beauty mantras for getting that illuminating glow on our skin, which somewhere has disappeared, not only in the literal sense, but also metaphorically, due to the coming in of practices which aim at creating a garb, wherein the true self of a person gets hidden beneath the several layers of a made up perception.

A look around and we get to see many of the thoughts and ideas of the former era that were then advocated as beneficial for us, being incorporated within the current progression, simply because everyone is able to see through the numerous benefits it brings to the table. Whether it’s in the field of fashion, advertising, fitness, travel or any other arena, the positives of the bygone era are being imbibed and blended with the progressive outlook of the contemporary times. Then why is it that when it comes to key areas of our lives like communication, relations, emotions, we are not able to absorb the same ethos again.

To name a few, why is the concept of meeting up with people over a cup of coffee to have heartfelt conversations being replaced by simply texting each other? Or why is it that the idea of heading out together with family and friends now slowly taking a shift to ‘mingling with each other on a group video call? Expressing love and affection with gestures of a personalized touch are taking a back seat to give way to the practice of picking up the phone and ordering multiple goodies in the blink of an eye.

The warmth and the joy in our smiles on experiencing a moment of contentment is being masked behind the filters of capturing the event. Why can’t these sentimental values be integrated with a modernized take of what is in vogue? While we are evolving and accepting the essence of the ever-changing framework and adapting to the freshness that the new trends bring in, let us not let the fragrance of the simplistic, but highly effective conventions which bind us in a thread of humanity fade away in oblivion.

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Article by: Shreya Talwar

About Shreya: In today’s day and age where emotions are fast losing its essence, Shreya Talwar tries to rekindle and emphasize on its significance in our lives. Her latest novel Beyond Royalty is a reflection of one such essential emotional aspect of our lives – love. She has two more books to her credit in the non-fiction sphere, ‘The Hidden Gems’ and ‘Weaving Emotions’ which also reinforce her thoughts. Shreya considers her mother to be her mentor who enlightens her literary pathway. Being an Army Officer’s daughter acted as an added feather in her cap to display an array of her writing skills and deep insight into human relations.

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