NMIMS Bengaluru’s MBA 2023-25 Batch Embarks on a Trailblazing Orientation

Bengaluru, 19th June, 2023: NMIMS Bengaluru, a leading educational institution, hosted a one-of-a-kind orientation program for its new batch of MBA students. The orientation aimed to foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment by welcoming students from a wide range of educational backgrounds, emphasising the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives in the business world.

Unlike traditional programs that predominantly attract engineering graduates, the MBA 2023-25 batch at NMIMS Bengaluru represents a rich tapestry of educational backgrounds. The batch comprises students with degrees in arts, commerce, science, pharmaceuticals, management, and more, creating a dynamic cohort with diverse knowledge and experiences. Apart from BE and B. Tech students, this year saw students come from various academic disciplines like arts, B Pharma, B Sc, and BBA, among others, with commerce making up the majority with 41%.  This diverse mix of educational backgrounds adds a unique perspective to the MBA program, with students bringing their varied expertise and insights to the table. It fosters a multidimensional learning environment where different viewpoints are valued and encourages collaborative learning among peers.

Moreover, the MBA program has made notable progress in gender diversity too compared to the previous two years. In the current batch (2022-24), the gender ratio is well-balanced, with 52% male and 48% female students. This shows a positive increase from the previous year where 58% were male and 42% were female. The institution’s commitment to inclusivity is evident, as it strives to create an equal learning environment for all students. NMIMS Bengaluru aims to continue this trend and further enhance gender diversity in future MBA intakes.

Dr. Ramesh Bhat, the Honorable Vice Chancellor of NMIMS, highlighted the significance of this diverse mix of students during his virtual address at the inauguration. He emphasised the importance of knowledge, attitude, skills, and habit (KASH) in value creation and urged the students to leverage their varied educational backgrounds to contribute unique perspectives and insights to their MBA journey.

The orientation week featured a comprehensive foundation program designed to equip students with essential business skills and knowledge. Renowned experts and industry professionals conducted sessions on various subjects including finance, marketing, human resources, data analytics, strategy, and communication.

One of the notable sessions was a panel discussion on “Marketing in the Digital Age,” organized by MarGene, the Marketing Club of NMIMS Bengaluru. The discussion featured esteemed industry experts such as Arjun Majumdar (CEO and Founder of Indiahikes), Punith Kumar U (AVP Marketing and Growth Head at Nykaa PRO), and Praveen Daga (Head of Marketing at Innvolution Healthcare Private Limited). The panellists shared valuable insights on marketing strategies and tactics relevant to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The orientation program also incorporated a unique and engaging activity called “Think, Tank, Thrive.” Students were challenged to create a protective layer for an egg using only newspapers, tape, and straws, aiming to keep it intact after being thrown from a two-story height. This hands-on exercise showcased the students’ creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Only eight out of fifteen teams successfully preserved their eggs and were recognized for their outstanding achievements during presentations that outlined their strategies and structures.

“I firmly believe that an MBA education goes beyond textbooks and lectures. It is about empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to navigate the complexities of the business world,” said Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director of NMIMS Bengaluru. “Our aim for the students is to foster a profound comprehension of business principles, honing their critical thinking abilities, and instilling ethical decision-making skills. We are dedicated to nurturing their leadership potential and empowering them with the necessary tools to create a positive influence in their respective domains. Through embracing diversity and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, we are molding tomorrow’s business leaders who will thrive amidst the dynamic global environment.”

NMIMS Bengaluru’s orientation program culminated in a city tour event, “Bangalore Darshan,” which allowed students to explore the cultural, historical, and business aspects of Bengaluru. The event fostered teamwork, creativity, and a deeper understanding of the city’s vibrant tapestry while providing an opportunity for networking and building new connections among the students.

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