“Platform Economy and Workforce” By Dr Amitava Ghosh- Book Review

“Platform Economy and Workforce” By Dr Amitava Ghosh- Book Review

Platform economy is basically a social interaction or activity through various platforms online. These come in mostly sales or technological frameworks. Such platforms can be understood by taking the example of Amazon, uber, etsy, etc. There are basically underlying computer systems that host services, allowing consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and the public to connect, share, or sell resources and products. Likewise, the relationship of these platform economies and the workers is a result of the workforce where individuals use an app or website to match themselves with customers in order to provide services in return for money.

Here in, the author “Dr. Amitava Ghosh” in his book “Platform economy and workforce”, has strived in writing about the economy of how it works and what it’s like to work in it, and attempts in showing a glimpse of all the industry providers and to the workforce who reaches out to one’s doorstep for delivering goods or services. The author puts emphasis on the conditions of the workforce or the workers irrespective of their gender or age group, who strives in providing services at one’s doorstep is ” A tale both curious and pathetic” which debates against the factor that such workforce is paid on the basis of “fast delivery” or losing the job there and then.

In contrast to this context, he also puts forward the benefits (Social Securities) as the Central Government frames the welfare schemes.

The author in another half also showers light on the mobility of the workforce during the pandemic. In a very plain and simple language he covers the main concepts and diversities in his book like the overview of the platform economy in India, grip of covid in India with the gig/platform workers, challenges of platform capitalism, India’s platform workers although being the intense labour are inadequately compensated and two such highlighted and interesting topics presented by the author in his debut book is the “women and platform economy” And the “platform workers are the stars”.

Quite incredibly, he explained how the rates of Indian women labour force has been decreasing over the years and witnessing a gradual decline in the covid-19 phase over the past two years. He firmly believes that the women must participate and contribute to the workforce as they are still considered caretakers as well as the earning potential of a family.

Adding up to this, comes the most gratitudinal topic that these platform workers are the real heroes because of the commendable contribution of their work while the tale of India’s fight with covid-19 was reported. He shows a special gratitude towards the specialist, attendants, rescue vehicle, drivers, others in medical care, etc.

Keeping it precise, the book as being the bestseller in Amazon is worth giving a read and true to the factor that each and every reader’s while or after reading this masterpiece will definitely bring change to the mind-set of oneself and contribute positivity to the society.

Hence the author dedicates the book to all the platform workers.

Reviewed By Saudia Parveen

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